Vintage laminate with illustrated leaves — and glitter on top

Oh my wonder, oh my word, I was going through old photos in my camera and stumbled upon these: Vintage laminate from a Pittsfield estate sale. This laminate: swirly illustrated leaves in gray, on an off-white field, with gold glitter on top. Whimsical, in a quiet way. Absolutely dreamy. 

And then: The swirly leaves were juxtaposed to a cross-hatch pattern more dense with the gray. 

If I were… 10 or 20 years younger, I would be busting to recreate laminates like these. They are so beautiful.

retro laminate pattern

Above: No glitter, but Wilsonart DOES have a leafy design, Compre, in its VDL line, 

Looking for retro- and vintage-inspired countertop laminates?

  1. Toni says:

    Yes. Finally I see something that doesn’t make me “think about it”. No thinking required here. I would do those leaves in a heartbeat.

  2. jani says:

    So, these are great, but I have what looks like one of these laminates on my walls. It covers most of my kitchen walls, but in some areas, it’s not in good shape, like due to the stove being right next to it, and it’s a bit burned! anyway-I was gonna take it down but I’m worried about what’s underneath! Anyone have any ideas?? all appreciated!

  3. Lyndasewsalot says:

    Good morning Pam. I was happy to wake up and read this this morning! I too went to an estate sale yesterday I. Rochester mi. ( where Madonna grew up, BTW.. she was not a poor girl from Detroit, Rochester is a great area. Suburb of Detroit) . Anyway , the laminate in this house was about 4” thick in the Kitchen. The bathroom was sculpted into shaped floating double vanities. 4” thick as well! All of the laminate was white background, with gold sparkles mixed with starbursts! I took pictures if your interested . And will be going back for a MCM recliner today . If you want me to take more.

  4. steve vickery says:

    Oh, don’t tease me with this! Why oh why does it seem impossible to find beautiful laminates?

    1. MARE REASONS says:

      If you have found a company that makes linoleum like this and the same time period please send me the resource, as it is so hard to find, thanks

  5. KStacey says:

    The grayness of everything has been depressing me lately. Kitchens, bathrooms, pretty much everything, grey wood-looking floors are even hot right now. Thank you for showing that it’s not all dreary, and can indeed be quite dreamy!

  6. Lori says:

    Wow, this post sent me on a search through old photos. I was correct, the cross hatch pattern is a dead ringer for my mom’s kitchen table. She had the whole package, with knotty pine walls and a porcelain double drain board sink, right up through 2008. Wish I could post the pictures!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Can you figure out how long ago that estate sale was to see if no one’s torn that out? Then get it to that gal you featured recently with the custom laminate company to recreate or adapt it.
    Would this have been a higher end laminate? or another option few have seen? (until people start reminiscing in the comments)
    It seems I’ve led such a sheltered life that I’ve only seen boomerang, hashmarks(?), and some glitter. There are whimsical prints out now if you keep digging on big box websites (CAUTION! potential rabbit hole!)

  8. Lynne says:

    I know its “trendy” right now, but I just love grey. I have a grey and aqua kitchen now, and I love it.

    In the third picture, was that the back splash I see in yet another grey pattern?? I swear, the folks back in the 40’s and 50’s were fearless with their color and pattern mixing. I agonize for weeks, even months, and then wind up doing nothing.

    Pam, I need one of those “help Lynne decide on a sofa and chairs” stories!

  9. Barbara says:

    I totally agree with you Pamela!
    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
    This is when being frugal means, “what!”
    I would not care what this costs if it was available today. I would buy…buy…all of it.
    That’s right! All of it!

    So now this is what I want. I can look and look. I know me, if i have to think about it,
    I don’t want it. But, when you bring this to the table, no thinking about it. I want it!!
    Does anyone know where I can find this laminate??

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