63 years in its original box — uncovering this rare 1955 kitchen appliance

frigidaire fold down stoveA rare and wonderful 1955 Frigidaire Fold-Back Cooking Unit — New Old Stock, still in its original packaging — complete with starbursty decoration, oh my word. Anyone gonna go for it?

vintage frigidaire stoveI heard directly from the seller, William, on this one. The unit is for sale on craigslist in Geneva, New York, for $850, and includes a spare used one, for parts. Be aware, dear readers, that old stuff may contain hazards, not be to code, need new wiring even if it’s NOS, etc., so be sure to get with your own properly licensed professional to assess what you are working with so you can Be Safe/Renovate Safe.  

frigidaire controlsThe listing says:

Unit (two burners) brand new in the box. We also have a second unit that was used and can be rebuilt or used for parts. If interested please email form more information. 

frigidaire new old stock

Manufactured in 1955, these stylish units fold back when not in use to give the owner more counter space. Would be a great addition to any retro kitchen with a 50’s or 60’s look. 

These are very rare. One unit is new in the box!!!! The new in the box unit when turning the knobs, the indicators are not moving up and down. Unsure if this is a easy fix or not. Since we are selling these units for another person we will not attempt to repair, diagnose, or disassemble them in any way. They are being sold as is! We cannot confirm functions on the USED unit other than the indicators move when knobs are turned. Price is for both units. 

Thanks for looking!

vintage fold down electric burners in bonnies 1950s kitchen
Another design from this story on the blog.

And so I asked the seller for more info. Lane, manager at an upstate New York appliance store, quickly replied:

Your article is great!  I knew when I stumbled on your gem of a website this morning that you shared our interest in seeing items like this put to use!  Our appliance business has been in Geneva, NY for over 40 years.  A neighboring hardware store is going out of business after more than 80 years.  They were a Frigidaire dealer for decades and when they stopped selling appliances put these items in storage.  We offered to help find a home for these wonderful units.  Our hopes are to sell them for the owner and hopefully see at least the one installed in a retro kitchen so we can show him it went to good use.  

Thank you so much for spot lighting our items on your site and sharing a link to our craigslist ad.  

And in this story too.

Linky loo where to get it? Who’s gonna????

  • New Old Stock 1955 Frigidaire Fold-Back Cooking Unit

  1. Amy Bennett says:

    Hello, I live in a mcm in ohio with this exact unit. We have a few burners that are not working properly and I very interested in purchasing one of these to replace it. How do I get in contact with the seller?!

  2. Nancy May says:

    I have 2 of these units and am looking to get them repaired. Do you have any recommendations on how to get them restored?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Nancy May, I am not an expert on this. I recommend you consult with a pro, for example, an industrial painting company or even an auto body shop may be able to give you guidance.

    1. KennyT123 says:

      I remember Antique Appliances refurbished a set awhile ago–at one time it appeared on their Facebook page.

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