Alfred Shaheen for Unique Vintage sarong dresses, cabana sets and more — oh my!

Kate knows I am all about the tiki so sent me this heads up the minute the word was out: Unique Vintage, the clothing company, has just come out with a new collection — Alfred Shaheen for Unique Vintage — 

… including yummy sarong dresses, in three different patterns and in eight sizes, which are sooooo hard to find vintage …

Note, the fabrics seem to be what’s the “Shaheen” part — these all look like they come from original Shaheen fabric designs. Above, is Asian Blossoms. Next, is Tapa Tapestry >>

… including in matchy matchy sets that include Cabanas sets and clothing for the kids. Imagine the annual family photo!

There are adorable rompers too.

Oh my: DH and I are not getting matchy matchy, as above! Note: The links to U-V earn me a commission if you click and buy, too. 

Link love, again: Alfred Shaheen collection for Unique Vintage.

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  1. ineffablespace says:

    My dad had a set very similar to the blue tapa featured at the top of your article. The shirt was lined in terry cloth. I think we finally gave it away when he sold the house at age 90.

  2. Joan says:

    Hi Pam,
    There is an interesting article about the resurgence of tiki bars in the current issue of The Atlantic magazine.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Isn’t the cabana outfit what they wore on Hawaiian Eye or the Elvis/Beach movies? I dunno – I miss Lloyd Bridges when I see guys in their bloomers near the water.
    Maybe matchy-matchy if he only wears the shirt OR the shorts but not both to match your sarong or romper. I’m thinking weebit is soooo glad she dodged that bullet.
    Personally, I’m not grasping the concept of the tankini – whatever it is you’re hoping doesn’t show will be on display when it rides/rolls up. I peeked at the rompers but then took a gander a the swimwear – ooh-la-la! Not nearly as $$$ as Esther Williams & Land’s End but I’d hope the quality would last thru a few seasons.

  4. Nikki says:

    They have rompers! I haven’t worn a romper in 60+ years! And I’m not about to start. After all “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” and now is NOT romper time! LOL!

  5. sherree says:

    My father also had a blue set like that. I am thinking it was purchased before we vacationed in Hawaii in the early 70’s. Like the one you remember, the shirt also had terrycloth on the inside. I remember him still having it in the 80’s.

  6. Kathryn says:

    I went through an Alfred Shaheen hunting phase here in San Diego a number of years ago. I must have bought ten dresses/tops at thrift. I also bought fabric panels… Then I got into Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirt hunting. But my favorite buy was a pair of vintage baby Hawaiian linen shorts at a garage sale in Lanikai on O’ahu. So little and cute and island-y. I think I will put them in a Hawaiian shadow box frame some day. When I have a vintage beach house. Thanks for letting me indulge my tiki dream for a few moments!

  7. Kali says:

    I’m too fat for most of my real vintage Shaheen stuff (One bombax Shaheen print sundress fits, plus two Kamehameha dresses), so this is a big yes. I love UV.

  8. Kali says:

    Haha, I have a fridge magnet with a poofy cat that says “I AM NOT FAT, I’M FLUFFY!”

    I’m getting some patina up in here, too!

  9. Wendellyn says:

    My cousin, in Arizona is very into vintage clothing and she makes a lot of her vintage clothing. so I forwarded your article. She was very excited about these!
    I believe the men’s bottoms could also be used as swim trunks? I know my dad and uncle’s had these sets.

  10. Katharine L Carroll says:

    For those who like to sew, Simplicity #8659 -1950’s Vintage Men’s Cabana set & Simplicity #8654 – 1940’s Vintage Misses’ skirt, shorts & tie front top. Both are brand new patterns & the terry cloth is an option in the men’s cabana set. The floral prints on the cover grabbed my attention. These are so much fun. Can’t wait to finish them!

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