Wilsonart Apricot Daisy laminate makes a peachy keen countertop for Sheree’s 1952 bathroom

wilsonart daisy countertopWilsonart’s Daisy laminate in “Apricot Glow” — an original 1970s design — looks perfect in Sherree’s bathroom, don’t you agree! She  writes:

wilsonart daisy orange

Hi Pam,

I wondered if you might like to see the new laminate counter top in my 1952 tiled bath. I used Wilsonart Daisy in Apricot Glow from their retro collection. I also got a new white oval sink with Hudee ring since the original tiled in sink could not be re-used. I found everything through your wonderful site!

Perfect! Fantabulous! So happy! I ask Sherree where she got the other products. She quickly replied:

Hi again Pam,

It is a Bootz brand sink that we special ordered through our local Menards home improvement store. I found it on Retro Renovation. I looked around online and found the best deal was getting it through Menards. [Pam notes, see all my stories on Bootz products here.]

I got the Hudee ring on Amazon. (affiliate link)

I special ordered the laminate through Home Depot. We had a local contractor build and install the counter top.


wilsonart daisy vintage countertop laminate reintroducedThank you, Sherree. I also really really like how you made the countertop extra thick — I like that look.

What a happy space! Nicely done!

  1. Eileen says:

    Where did the cabinet pulls and escutcheons come from? Those are hard to source and go quickly on etsy and ebay.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Love everything about this cheerful bathroom. I like that you put little figurines in the niches that are meant for toothbrushing cups. Also, what a nice vanity that makes use of an oddly shaped niche. Cute!

  3. linoleummy says:

    So it’s all original except the sink & countertop? That laminate IS perfect with the tile color and cabinet. And LOVE those pulls. Sweet!

  4. te says:

    Excellent! Bathrooms should be fun and yours sure is. It’s great to sit on the “throne” and have interesting things to look at. Nice
    mash-up of tchotchkes and decor.

  5. sherree says:

    Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. And thank you Pam for showing us all how to love the house we are in! The Las Vegas shower curtain is from Cafe Press and is a Western Airlines travel poster.

  6. Judy H. says:

    I adore EVERYTHING about your bathroom Sherree! I wish it was in my house! That Daisy laminate countertop is pure joy. Amazing how it adds so much “cheer” to your bathroom! You did a beautiful job!! I have an original laminate boomerang pattern countertop in my 1952 blue tiled bathroom. The owner chose the light rose and gray boomerang design. It is in mint condition but doesn’t DO anything for the bathroom. I’ve been tempted to change it out with a new “old” WilsonArt laminate, you’ve convinced me! Enjoy your gorgeous bathroom!

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