Jaylis window curtain screens — woven plastic accordian-style screen curtains — were trademarked in 1959 and by one reader’s account, disappeared from the market by 1973. We first learned about these interesting and attractive window treatments in this story, where several readers jumped in to help identify them. Now, another big set has come up — so interesting! Art wrote to me:

Pam, in one of your much earlier postings you expressed an interest in Jaylis Curtains. We are having an estate sale in Bellflower California and we have one fully intact curtain. I have an image that I would like to send you. The curtain covers a very large sliding glass window. 


Note, Art is taking these out of a house in Bellflower, Calif., as part of an estate sale. 

retro plastic window shades
From our first story, where readers identified these Jaylis curtain screens

In the original story, Althea was the first to identify the curtains:

This window covering product was produced by Jaylis in the late 1950s and 1960s. My interior design and decor dad was a vendor. I’ve tried to research them, but to no avail. I think they should be reproduced.
Good luck, folks. Althea, Oakland, CA

Lesley then chimed in:

They are called Jaylis and my parents made and sold them in the mid sixties in LA and for 6 months in Alaska. My grandmother had them in her home for many years. I am searching for any old sets I can find. Even as a 9 yr old I helped build them.

Micki had some once, and loved them:

I had these Jaylis draperies when I lived in my house and they were in almost every room and in many colors. If anyone knows where I can get them, please let me know. They are the easiest to clean and provide privacy while letting in the light. I’d get them again if only I could find them.


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  1. Lynn says:

    I have these in my kitchen. They are original to the home. Sadly, after 50 plus years they are starting to break. I REALLY want to replace them. Does anyone know where I can find something that is even close to this look?

      1. pam kueber says:

        Oopsy, I realize you are looking for kitchen windows, not shower doors. On kitchen windows, not sure where to point you.

        Check my stories on Beauti-Vue for woven wood+yarn shades made from vintage stock, if that appeals to you.

  2. Alexa says:

    Could Leslie give a breakdown on how they were made if they remember making them as a kid? I care enough about these that I’d be willing to try and recreate them myself.

  3. SPACES Consignment in Beachwood OH has a ton of these great shades. Most are still in original packaging. Call them at 216 378-4900. They can email photos. Ask for Trina the owner.

  4. Maggie says:

    I’ve got extremely large ones in the living room. Approximately 92.5″ inches in height, not counting the railing. From top to bottom it’s about 94″ high. Railing track is about 1″. Two panels, about 4′ wide per panel. I don’t know how to share my pictures. These were in my husbands grandparents home. That’s just for one window. We have larger panels for the screen doors in the living room. Same height. Much wider. We’ve got more in our bedrooms. I’m absolutely in love with the ones in my bedroom. Those are bluish and they’re just gorgeous. Thinking of selling the living room shade panels very soon. We have to completely remodel the house.

  5. The accompanying picture of the large set is JUST BEAUTIFUL. The way the light is filtered, it looks as though it’s passing through lapis shell. Is that what it actually looks like? And could it also be used as a room divider?
    I’ll be hunting for these to cover the sliding glass door in my c,1955 den (which currently has bamboo), but I get the impression they’re virtually impossible to find! Is there anything made today that has a similar look?

  6. linoleummy says:

    Really cool clean look! Translucent, cat damage and fur resistant & easy to clean. Want. Too bad with all the folks replying that they had some didn’t give you more pictures to post.

  7. Kathaleen Murray says:

    I would consider these as well depending on how tight they close and\or if they are on a track top and bottom. Great option for floor to ceiling windows.

  8. Javie says:

    Growing up in the 90s there was an old thrifty’s drug store from the 60s my mother would go to that had massive ones of these that would cover the huge floor to ceiling front windows of the store. If I remember correctly they were striped in different shades of browns. Was always fascinated with them!

  9. Katie says:

    I’d buy these if they still made them, or if someone decided to revive the design. I think they would be much easier to keep clean than the curtains on my front sliding door and they seem like they block a decent amount of light. Also, maybe the cats wouldn’t want to climb them.

  10. carolyn says:

    OMG! What ARE these?! Where have they been all my life? Oh, my, yes – think of the money to be made being the first to bring these to market?
    I’d like to see them up close or if there is any advertisements. It’s like the best of accordion and Beaute.

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