How vintage towel bars fit on to vintage bathroom sinks — chunky china-sink version

After asking for help in finding towel bars to fit a vintage china bathroom sink, Melita saw the photos I posted and realized she had what she needed all along. Above: Here is how the clamp-on towel bars fit on to her vintage bathroom sink. Note, there may be variations of this clamp-on style depending on how the sink was made. Original story that helped Melita with more photos here. Glad it worked out, M!

  1. brian tracy says:

    I found a pair of beautiful wall sinks , blue and green , at a yard sale this week… I think they’re Rheem Richmonds but I haven’t been able to find an exact match in online photo’s .. One has a date of Sept 27 1955 , the other sink (it’s twin) the date is not readable. I need help identifying these sinks.. Is there an expert I can email a photo to?


    Brian Tracy

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Brian, there were soooooo many designs I don’t do these kinds of stories. I think you can… start watching ebay for old catalogs also check the Building Technology Heritage Library to see if they have any catalogs. Good luck!

  2. Kim Brown says:

    Funny… mine is similar, yet different!!! I have a wobbly bar on one side of the sink and had to go see how it was attached. No clamps on mine!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    It is so exciting when people who regularly frequent this web site are able to help one another solve their “vintage” problems.

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