Gorgeous 1930s style bathroom hardware from Lefroy Brooks at Restoration Hardware

1930s bathroom towel bar lefroy brooksMany readers want to see more options for 1930s bathrooms, kitchens and interiors — and with that in mind, this set of 1930s-style Lefroy Brooks bathroom hardware — a towel bar, robe hook, toilet paper holder and faucets — now available at Restoration Hardware caught my eye. These are (take a deep breath) expensive, but I tend to believe they are very high quality. The lines are beautiful.

1930s bathroom tub faucet lefroy brooks1930s bathroom robe hook lefroy brooks1930s bathroom sink faucet lefroy brooks1930s bathroom toilet paper holder lefroy brooksAbove: The toilet paper is a… bit much, I think. 

1950s Lefroy Brooks Belle Air faucets are amazeballs:

lefroy brooks belle air faucetlefroy brooks belle air 1950s bathroom fixturesAbove: The Lefroy Brooks “Belle Aire” series is not available at Rejuvenation, but you can see it on the Lefroy Brooks U.S. website. Every year a few readers email me about this amazing bathroom fixture. I first featured it in 2010, so haven’t done a story since. But I guess I should! Back then, Lefroy Brooks also had a sink in pink! 

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  1. carolyn says:

    That Lefroy Brooks Belle Aire faucet would be a bear to keep clean but then again, might be a labor of love. That’s FUNny!

  2. Dan O. says:

    If the cylindrical faucet stem escutcheons were only hexagonal to go along with the theme those fixtures would be a nearly spot-on match to vintage American-Standard.

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