Cybele’s rare vintage bathroom sink find: Two pink Universal Rundle sinks with 10 pieces of Versa Tile countertops

universal rundle versa tile sinksSo proud of Cybele, daring adventurer who bought these two pink sinks with 10 odd countertop pieces not quite knowing what she had, but knowing she had something. She wrote to see if I could identify her odd find, and I could — based on that big NOS hardware store stash back in 2017. Indeed, they are treasures she got for a steal of a price: Universal Rundle Versa-Tile sinks! So cool to see them in the wild — and so many pieces — and pink! Cybele wrote:

universal rundle versa tile sink sections

I just bought matching pink sinks, and they had 10 countertop pieces with them that look a bit like two- or three-sided toilet bowl lids. I have never seen this and wondering if you have any info on these. Happy to send pictures.

universal rundle versa tile
From the original story where a buncha new old stock was found

I wrote back:

oooooh, what a find. Assuming you have what I think you have — Universal Rundle Versa-Tile countertops with sink — we have seen these once, new old stock, I would LOVE if you could send me photos! See my story about this rare sink style here.  

universal rundle versa tile countertops
From the original story from the NOS stash found in an old hardware store. As you can see, the pieces line up to create an edged countertop. They edge right up to the specially-designed sink as well.

Cybele wrote right back, excited to learn what she had. She also was able to nab one edge piece she needed from the NOS listing in my original story — there are still some of these Universal Rundle Versa-Tile pieces on ebay:

That’s it exactly!  So excited to learn about them.  They will be going into a brand new bathroom in about 2 years (I’m a bit of a hoarder when I find the right thing). I got both sinks and the counter for $50.  The left hand cap was broken taking it out and it looks like I can get that one eBay to complete the set!!!

As a side note I am driving to the northern woods of Wisconsin to pick up an aqua blue Cinderella tub!  I am assuming a Kohler based on location and apparent color but wouldn’t have even thought of it before getting hooked into your blog!

Finally I found an awesome local source (Kansas City) of vintage sinks, toilets and knowledge. Check out the link [for Graham Plumbing, since 1932-PK].

Thanks, Cybele, for sharing. When you get these installed, I would DEARLY LOVE to see the finished set up! So cool!

Where to see the Universal Rundle Versa-Tiles still for sale as of this print date:

  1. JOSUE BAEZ says:

    We just got our “new” house and I am in a deep depression because we did not notice the pink tiles of a huge grand bathroom were loose. I happily started cleaning and they started to pop out falling and breaking in my face. I don’t know now what to do. I have 3 more bathrooms in teal, yellow and avocado green.. I don’t even want to touch them!! Please help!!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Josue, Ack! I don’t know the answer to this question — I am not an expert (this is not a fixit site per se) It sounds like these are valuable spaces, so I recommend you consult with a professional to understand what is going on and how to best address (including checking what’s in the layers involved – Renovate Safe!)

      If you do end up needing replacements, here’s one story to consult for potential resources: https://retrorenovation.com/2019/01/22/12-places-to-find-4-x-4-ceramic-bathroom-tile-in-vintage-colors/

  2. Ellie says:

    Another cheer for Graham Plumbing! I bought a lavender Kohler toilet and sink from them for my 1920s house, and they could not have been nicer or more helpful. They answered all of my many many questions as I deliberated before pulling the trigger. More expensive than salvage, but very fair prices and totally worth it to me. Both pieces had been beautifully restored, including all new guts for the toilet, and they even helped arrange transport from KC to Iowa just to spare me the trip.

    Can’t recommend them enough for anyone in the Midwest.

    1. Ellie says:

      My only regret is that my bathroom space was just not big enough for the matching tub, which Graham also had :(.

  3. linoleummy says:

    Oh man, Cybele, you hit the jackpot! I had fantasized about how awesome that exact setup would be after Pam broke the news of the Versa-Tiles. 2 years before pictures- wah!

  4. DJ Sparkles says:

    An aqua blue Cinderella tub? I’m so jealous! I mean, happy for you! 😉

    Can’t wait to see your bathrooms when you do them!

  5. Lori Duckworth says:

    So pretty with that retro-modern flair! We were so lucky to find a used turquoise deep double sink for our kitchen years ago.

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