Create a village of six mid century modern Christmas putz houses

putz house villageKatiedoodle is amazing and now has completed a second wave of midcentury style putz houses for readers to make and add to their retro vintage Christmas decor. For each of the six designs, Kate provides a downloadable pattern and examples of her design, which you can customize to your heart’s content.


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  1. Robin, NV says

    Kate, you’re awesome but do you know what this collection needs? A Polynesian Ranch. Could be a tricky one though since the details can be intricate – exposed exterior rafter beams, upturned eaves, decorative block walls, etc. And clearly palm trees would be needed for the landscaping! I have a guide to ranch houses somewhere that shows some great examples. Must find the darn thing so I can share it with you guys.

  2. says

    You also will need one with a butterfly roof, maybe a brutalist style building, and how cool would Case Study #22 be in a putz house! But Kate, you have done so awesome on these! And I noticed that the snow on the roofs of the second year houses is flowier (is there such a word?) and much more natural. Great job, as always!

  3. Scott says

    If I had a bigger budget to work with I’d ask you to whip up the corresponding real house plans for #1 and #6. These are awesome. 🙂

  4. susan porr says

    I did not know what a “Polynesian Ranch was , so I googled it, and found this great neighborhood that is all retro homes, thought I would share!! ( and great historical info…Seems that here is a whole area of Poly Ranches there. I love your pages!!

  5. says

    Those are just TOO cute! I love them, it would be super cool if you could make a putz house just like the one someone on your Christmas lives in and give it to them for Christmas! I would love to do that some time.

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