DIY Putz house #7 — butterfly roof ranch — download the pattern to make your own

butterfly-roof-ranch-house-putzkitschmas-krazyWe get emails all year long from readers who have made mini Putz houses from our free patterns — or even come up with their own. So up, it’s year three for this Retro Renovation tradition — with three new patterns completed and rolling out, starting today. Grab your cardboard, glue guns, paint and supplies and get ready to make this adorable butterfly roof midcentury ranch home, #7 in our diminutive subdivision. 

butterfly-roof-ranch-house-putzI’ve always loved the look of butterfly rooflines, so of course I had to make a butterfly roof Putz house!

butterfly-roof-ranch-house-putzThis pattern is a bit longer than the other ranch Putz patterns, thanks to the addition of another section on the right side of the building. I decided to include a flat roof section because I thought the juxtaposition between the two rooflines would add even more dynamism to the house.

butterfly-roof-ranch-house-putzThere’s a few more architectural elements — like the chimney and the inset front porch — that help add interest to this design. Of course you could always paint the chimney to look like it was made out of stone or bricks to add more texture. Similarly, if you wanted to change up the flat roofed section of the house to become a garage or add more windows, that would be an easy way to add even more interest. Pam suggests some stony Xeriscaping for the front yard, consistent with desert climates like Palm Springs (this roofline really  is quite impractical for those of us in snowbelt.)

butterfly-roof-ranch-house-putzI love it — and I think this midcentury Putz just might be my favorite design yet!

Get this pattern:

Click here to download Kate’s
free Putz house pattern #7

Make a whole neighborhood of mid century “Putz” style houses:


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    • Kate says

      Thanks Robin! I do love those butterfly roof houses! There’s one in my neighborhood, but it is not quite as cool as these!

  1. Jeanne says

    Yippee! Love it. Actually I downloaded the Tom Thumb pattern yesterday to revise it to look like my boyfriend’s cabin in the Upper Peninsula. My annual Putz house this year will be a recreation of his cabin. 🙂

  2. Mary Elizabeth says

    Your designs are always beautiful, Kate. Did you ever think while you were in art school that you would end up designing pink bathrooms and little cardboard houses? Keep up the good work.

    • Kate says

      Thanks Mary E. — I didn’t plan on doing this, but with a degree in art one is always finding odd, creative jobs to do for yourself and others…so it doesn’t surprise me that I ended up making stuff like this. 🙂

  3. tammyCA says

    Yay, crafting Christmas time from Kate is here! Love all the little houses and this new one, too. We have some really neat butterfly roofline architecture still existing in socal, the churches are especially cool & dramatic.

  4. Carrie says

    Oooo, this and all of your patterns are adorable. A little tweaking to the ranch #1, and I will have my ’61 trailer that I am refinishing. Thank you for such crafty goodness. (:

  5. says

    Thank you so much for sharing your mid-century house patterns. This year I made two of them and would like to send you photos. Please let me know the email address where I can send the pix.
    Happy holidays!
    Pam Bliss
    P.S. The new Butterfly Roof house is next! Great one!

  6. Deb George says

    Is there a link for the butterfly roof house? I don’t see where I can download the pattern. Thanks

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