Chicago Faucets retro kitchen sink faucet – the one I used

retro kitchen faucet

I did a ton of online searching to find the faucet that would be just right for my vintage Kohler sink. I had a one-hole installation, and wanted a single handle faucet as I think it’s a lot easier to control the hot/cold mix better. One problem that I found with most other faucets was that the spout was too short – like only 8″. Update: I can’t find my faucet on their website anymore, but here’s the website if you want to dig — is 10″ long. And, I’ll tell you — it’s a wonderful faucet. It’s not inexpensive, in the $300 range — but it has a tremendous “feel” — it’s nice and heavy and substantial. And considering that you use your kitchen faucet gazillions of times each day, I’ve always felt it was well, well worth it! Highly recommended!

  1. Jen says:

    Sorry to ask such a dumb question so long after this post, but is your spout “fixed” or does it swivel? A lot of these pictures appear to be fixed spouts. And the Chicago Faucet website doesn’t show any single-hole faucets with swiveling spout.

    If the spout is fixed, how do you like it? Does it get in the way? I’m worried that with a low arc faucet like this (beautiful though it is!) that the rigid faucet would prove problematic.

  2. AnnWesleyHardin says:

    Hi Pam, I’m thinking of getting this faucet. Does it rotate? I mean, can you move it out of the way for larger pots, etc? I can’t tell from the product description on the website. Thanks!

  3. karmi_woolfe says:

    Thanks Pam. I love to scrub, so I’ll take it easy a bit. I’m scooting around the gutted kitchen tonight cleaning with a bucket, rags, a plastic scraper and a toothbrush. The plumbers come Monday to hook up the sink and my 1954 KitchenAid dishwasher! Boy, these authentic vintage appliances sure pick up some crud along the way. Sure am happy to have you here to keep me inspired!

  4. karmi_woolfe says:

    Well, I cursed myself by being over-confident! The old faucets I had were either too badly corroded or not compatible with the sink top I am using. Wah! I bought a Moen “High Arc” kitchen faucet (model #87000) for 98 bucks. I have a 1955 St. Charles catalog that features plenty of high arc faucets, so I figured I could get away with it. If I don’t like it when it’s all said and done, I’ll buy another. Buy that time, moeny/cost should be pretty irrelevant! Any do’s or don’t’s about cleaning the porcelain sink top?

    1. Michael Colter says:

      Thanks, replacing my Kohler cast iron kitchen sink rimless with like style and wondered if I could use a high-arch faucet model. Will look into this one.

  5. 50sPam says:

    From my experience – you need to baby it. Don’t use anything abrasive. My husband cleans it with a solution of 1/2 water 1/2 bleach. I won’t let him use Zud on it. I welcome other readers’ thoughts – as I am not known for my cleaning zeal.

  6. karmi_woolfe says:

    And a wonderful faucet it is! I looked at the original faucets I have, and this is definitely their cousin. In all of my travels and buying of cabinets, I ended up with 5 (yes, 5!) sinks, so I am fortunate to have my choice of hardware — and all of the originals are 10″ long. Once my kitchen is together, I will be selling off the pieces parts that don’t get used, so maybe someone can nab some goodies. I also have extra stoves. 🙂

  7. 50sPam says:

    Karmi, you are a hoot! At one point in my kitchen reno, I had 4 sinks. I thought that had to be a record – but you have beat me out!

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