50s kitchen countertop laminate — 3 more choices, from Nevamar. Great for bathrooms, too



The website says that these are for “contract” jobs — that is, interior designers working on commercial projects. But hey, if you really like these retro laminate choices, go after Nevamar and get them!

Remember: The only way to do these…is to pair them with authentic steel countertop and backsplash edging available from the only company left making it in Astoria, Queens. Thank my husband David for finding them!

Here is the url to paste into your nav bar: http://www.panolam.com/Nevamar/retroPatterns.asp

  1. David says:

    Just a note. Twist n yellow is available. We were trying to get a laminate for the countertop in a ranch we just purchased. We came across the Nevamar twist n yellow TW4001 which we initially liked but had since changed to Formica Tangelo Dotscreen. We liked the twist n yellow enough to hunt it down even though it was discontinued. Panalam said that their warehouse had 14 sheets of 4×8 but the distributor in my area had to contacted to order. I did and they stated they were able to special order it if necessary. So if anyone still has a desire to use that style as of this date there are still 14 sheets left . Good luck.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks for the update, David. This is good advice: Even if the laminate you want is officially discontinued — go straight to the manufacturer and see if they can do a search for you for any remaining stock at their place or among their distributors.

      Send me pics when your kitchen is ready for prime time!

    2. michael greenan says:

      I really want this pattern. I know it is 3 years later, but if I can get aholdof it I will be ever so grateful.

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