Atomic Turf green and Atomic Orange laminate from Formica

Graphics Continuum-Formica 40 Tiles \Graphics Continuum-Formica 40 Tiles \

Seems like I’m starting the week off with the spotlight on RESOURCES! I was checking out Formica’s site recently – and saw these two new laminates. They both have a nice retro groove, underscored by their names, Atomic Orange and Atomic Turf. Back in the postwar era, there were a number of laminates that had a scratchy-burlap feel. These two remind me of those.

Update, July 2010: Janice used the green Atomic Turf in her kitchen — I love it! Check out complete information about here retro-inspired kitchen here.

Update: Sept. 2010: Erik writes to let us know that Atomic Turf has been discontinued. Drats. If this is what you want, you still might try contacting Formica to see if anyone has any stashed away.

      1. Pam Ruatto says:

        Pam, I have a somewhat retro kitchen—stainless counters and appliances with white cabinets, floor is linoleum squares. House was built in 1949, and the original floor was lino squares, so all of this works. However, I would LOVE to replace the lino squares we put in with sheet linoleum. Do you have any idea where to find retro-looking sheet lino?

        1. pam kueber says:

          Hi Pam, see our Kitchens/Flooring category. How about REAL linoleum. You can get it from Marmoleum or Armstrong.

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