Hi Pam,

Since you just had a post on laminate counter tops I thought you’d enjoy seeing my original 1959 gray cracked ice laminate in kitchen and matching kitchen table!! When I walked into the house during the showing I knew this was the home for me. I wish I knew how to remove discolorations but I’ve heard its almost impossible.

The counter banding is also cool, chrome with a black rubber inlay. I was recently reading the fall issue of Atomic Ranch magazine and saw an article about a home where the kitchen has the exact same banding. I’ve never seen it before buying my home last October.

I live right here in Florence, MA.  About an hour from you.  My home is still in the process of being retro-regressed to its  original splendor but luckily not much had been done to update it so most of the  rooms are still original. The bathroom is the biggest exception because they  tried to update it using Home Depot generic products which included replacing  original tiled walls with laminate sheeting made to look like marble. REALLY  BAD!!!!! I plan on having it re-tiled again and brought back to 1959 aesthetics.

Incredible laminate pattern, jsnugbear, thank you!

  1. John Q says:

    Hi cinemascope,

    I have seen my table motif once before at a tag sale but the tabletop was really worn out. I got my chairs at Target a few years ago. They are real diner chairs though made by a company in Chicago that has been supplying diners for over 50 years.
    Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. I guess I should join Flicker and post more pics.

  2. Cinemascope says:

    I was amazed to see your table, since I bought one exactly like it in an antique shop about 3 weeks ago! I think we got our chairs at the same place, too (but I have the V back style).

  3. Femme1 says:

    Be still my heart! Jsnugbear, I totally understand why you’d buy the house because of the countertop. It’s a really interesting combination of 50s stylized design and what looks to me to be a Kwakiutl fish motif.

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