Bungalow Bill shares his stash of amazing vintage tile mosaic cartoon-illustrations

Midcentury mosaic tile design

Bungalow Bill is a great new friend of the site who followed up on the post about the retro mosaic in Mid Mod Megg’s mother-in-law’s bathroom. Oh my goodness, we have opened up a genie in the bottle. Look at these images!

Bill explains:

I drool seeing panels like these still in situ… The Mosaic Tile Company was in business 1894-1972. Surviving panels are pretty rare, and ones surviving removal are even more so. Back then tiles were set into thick cement mortar and meant to last forever in one place. There was no thin-set adhesive back then. I did scan some pages from the Mosaic Tile Co. catalog c. 1955 for you. They were located in Zanesville Ohio and , with the decorated tiles being made between 1915-1960.

Bill also sent me a terrific stash of other mosaic tile images from the 50s and 60s. I will showcase them soon. Meanwhile – be sure to check out his site, BungalowBill.com.  Many thanks, Bill!

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  1. Thomas says:

    I have a set of 3 mid-century mosaics depicting a dutch scene with a lighthouse and ships. 2 of these have one tile missing ….gratefully they are both in the far upper right corner..
    Where can I get an appraisal andor list these?
    Oh, they have never been installed.
    I do have pics for these

  2. sleepingbee says:

    Thank you for sharing more Bill! Do you know if the tile murals are still in production by any company?

  3. nancyb says:

    So cool! I’d never heard of anything like these until the parrot mural post… It’s interesting to find out that they were a popular “thing”.

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