Mosaic Tile Company pink cranes

This crane tile design is so similar to several others in Bungalow Bill’s 1955 Indiana Mosaic Tile Company book — it must be part of this manufacturer’s repertoire. This actual installation is in Sacramento, and comes courtesy of flickr friend sylphbranching. (Click the photo to get to her complete photostream.) Thank you sb!

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P.S. I wonder if they had a Crane sink, tub and toilet he he.

  1. BungalowBILL says:

    I’d love to see other pictures of this mural. Although similar to the Mosaic offerings, the bird is definitely a Catalina design, but I haven’t seen it in this big size before, only in 6 tile panels. Pretty remarkable and valuable.

  2. amy says:

    Hehe, I’m tickled that you posted this. The sink and toilet don’t have pink cranes, but there is a vintage medicine cabinet and a little shelf that folds down underneath, and they are framed in the same pink tile. The cabinets across from the bathtub are also mounted on the wall and have plastic pink knobs. I’ll try and get a picture next time I visit the house!

    –Amy, sylphbranching

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