THIS PINK AND GRAY MASTER BATHROOM is just lovely. Pink and gray is a great color combination…and look at that wonderful floor tile, it’s delicious. Moreover, this bathroom is put together in genius fashion, with its subtle mix of patterns. Look closely: 

  • (1) pinwheel unglazed porcelain ceramic tile floor…
  • (2) squares in 4×4 light grey field tile…
  • (3) horizontal “stripe” of dark gray bullnose tile…
  • (4) vertical stripes of light and gray window treatment…
  • (5) soft round graphic lines of the print, which de-dominates the mirror, also appears to have all the bathroom  colors in it and is smiling down on the whole scene, to boot.
  • Then add:  tall pink candle, plush gray towels, pretty sink and toilet (yes! pretty!), crystal bowl — and twisty cylinders of green bamboo (?)…

Well, Colvin: This is really quite a little decorative masterpiece! Well done! Many thanks for sharing it with us today.

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    1. pam kueber says:

      Colvin, I approved your comment – but I’ll add that the EZ close is not like the true CHURCH that Cindy is talking about. And it’s plastic. We have numerous sources for wood toilet seats, including many pinks, on the Bathrooms Fast and Easy page:

      Note, Cindy called it Crane – then I repeated it. But, it’s really CHURCH that I think we’re all talking about?

      In addition, here is my recent post that summarizes the key toilet seat suppliers we’ve identified:

      If you have an elongated toilet and can handle white or black marbleized, remember to try this Kohler model, it’s quite like the Church, I think. Wicked expensive:

      This post shows a Church toilet seat found in situ hahaha:

      Here’s a post with the palette of Church toilet seat colors, likely from the 40s, fabulous:

    2. pam kueber says:

      Colvin, I approved your comment re the toilet seat, but this is not what we’re talking about. We have numerous sources identified for pink toilet seats – and in wood:

      Here’s a post showing what a vintage Church toilet seat looks like:

      Here’s the original post showing the Church toilet seat palette probably early or mid 40s:

      And don’t forget, those of you with elongated toilets, that Kohler does offer this Kathyrn toilet seat – it’s pretty Church-like – in white and black. Wicked expensive but wonderful:

  1. Genjenn says:

    Beautiful bathroom, Colvin! Pink and grey -always a sublime combo- are especially lovely here. Congratulations!

    Would you be a doll and post a close up of that lovely floor, please?

  2. sumac sue says:

    Such a serene room. Understated accessories give it an uncluttered look. Amid the chrome and tile, the humble painted cabinet provides wabi-sabi.

  3. becky sharp says:

    Lookin g for a vintage 1950 s plastic bathroom wall tile. Will buy . It is pink with alittle white streaked through it.

  4. julie says:

    I have the same tile pattern in my pink bathroom. My home is a 1930 colonial. Do you think this bathroom was remodeled in the 1940-1960 era? The walls a have 4 ” pink tiles and all the fixtures are Kohler gray.

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