stangl wigstandFinding quirky accessories can be the most fun (and never-ending) part of owning an eclectic mid-century modern or mid-century modest home. Here is my vintage Stangl wigstand, purchased 15 years ago, well before I lived the retro life. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s a blond, circa 1950. I think we named her Betty. Well, Betty sits on our built-in bookcase and always has a vintage hat of some sort propped on her head. This one is an amazingly lovely antique crocheted lace night cap (I think) lined with satin — one of my many wonderful finds from the time capsule estate sale last week. Peeking from behind — a vintage Shriner’s hat I bought 10 years ago at a thift store in Canada.

  1. Mattenylou says:

    I love these old crocheted things. I always buy the old doilies when i see them at tag sales. There are so many hours of work in that piece, happy to see you appreciate it! It’s so cute!

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