Where to find laminate kitchen and bathroom cabinets

holiday-kitchens-laminate-cabinets-geneva-door-styleSeveral readers have asked where to get cabinets faced with laminate, a style very appropriate for mid-century kitchens and bathrooms. I checked my notes from Cindy — who used laminate cabinets in both her kitchen and her bathroom renovations to very good result. She reports that her cabinets were made by Holiday Kitchens, which turns out to be a relatively large national brand with production in the U.S. Their doorstyle for laminate kitchen and bathroom cabinets is called “Geneva” (you will have to scroll through the door styles to get to it.) I am presuming that you can specify any particular laminate you like. Check out my Countertop Category for my list of laminate manufacturers.

  1. alison says:

    Pam – I have a very good condition, white/metal Geneva kitchen with Gibson stove and exhaust hood. I am expanding the kitchen a little bit and would love to stick with these components. A lot of MFRs mentioned in your forums/articles do not make coordinating cabinetry anymore – do you know where I can find some metal cabinets to stick with this style? I have seen that Ikea has two styles that may match, but I am worried about quality…


  2. Jessica says:

    We are considering doing laminate cabinets in our new kitchen. We were planning on doing them our self. How well do they hold up? I am worried about the corners chipping.

    Any information would be helpful.

  3. Frances says:

    Pottery Barn kids mid-summer 2010 page 112: Pink mid-century children’s kitchen set for sale! So cute!

  4. Ikea also makes a few laminate-style cabinets and door options: they actually have a “skin” that resembles laminate, as I recall. It’s a less-expensive option if they fit your space, and some styles would be perfect for 60s and 70s kitchens.

  5. Maureen says:

    We are getting laminate plain-fronted doors for our upcoming kitchen reno. The challenge is finding pulls/knobs & lighting now! I love Rejuvenation’s website & catalog (altho not the accompanying prices) and am hoping to use them for inspiration purposes. I particularly love their Art Deco stuff!

    Placement of the knobs/pulls on the cabinets is tricky too. I’ve noticed recent vintage photos on this blog show the pulls are centered in the door which can make it challenging for those unfamiliar with the kitchen to know which way the door will open. All the things to ponder!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Maureen, I don’t think that centering the cabinet pulls was the default, or even tremendously common, way to do it. Take a look at the Galleries, to start, for ideas…also I must have a hundred more images within posts….

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