vintage-swoboda-bird-nest-pinThe minute I start feeling like house projects are done, I start to ogle vintage costume jewelry. I just discovered Swoboda pins… they are so joyful and each piece is more precious than the next. This Swoboda bird nest pin is  $95 from etsy seller sundayandsunday.  Click through for five more beautiful pieces. swoboda-pearl-brooch

$74 from AgedandOpulentJewelry.


$160, from AgedandOpulentJewelry.


$50, from AgedandOpulentJewelry.

swoboda jade peral bonsai tree pin

$115, from sundayandsunday.


Ginormous sash pin, $395 from sundayandsunday.

  1. Tikimama says:

    Swoon! I’ve never heard of Swoboda either, and I’m a big fan of vintage costume jewelry. The two bird pins are my favorites – they’re just gorgeous!

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