Congratulations, Leslie & Aaron: #1 favorite residence in Los Angeles — and thanks to all the Retro Renovation readers who voted!

Hip hip hooray for Leslie & Aaron and their “Kramer House” and to all the Retro Renovation readers who may have had a hand in helping them come out #1 — that’s NUMBER ONE — in the La Conservancy’s competition to name the favorite residence in Los Angeles. Way to go!  I first wrote about “Leslie’s Kitschy Dreamboat Time Capsule” almost two years ago, and since that time, it’s become one of my most popular posts ever.

And what’s not to love about this classic 1966 suburban LA ranch house that includes a conversation pit, big rock wall fireplaces and an amoeba-shaped swimming pool?

And then there are Leslie and Aaron — who don’t take it all *too* seriously, filling the house with Moss lamps, peacock sculptures and light-up paintings… but who *do* take it seriously enough to have applied for and received historic certification for the house. They are great caretakers and surely, lovin’ the house they’re in. Leslie also sends me lots of story ideas, here are some:

Congrats, you two — when are you starting the margarita blender? And: Muchisimas gracias a todos who voted! Read more about the winners here at LA Conservancy.

  1. Candice says:

    Congrats! and sweet lord…. that pool looks delicious!
    Love that you love your home, with a sense of humor to boot.

  2. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Caretakers of the Year automatic disqualification: stainless steel appliance if not original, and granite counters, lol.

  3. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Congratulations Leslie & Aaron, an excellent award for an excellent home! Now, they should launch a contest for the Caretakers of the Year award – for homeowners who respect and preserve the original architecture and design of their homes.

    Way to go –

  4. BungalowBILL says:

    Congratulations Leslie and Aaron, you were up against some tough and famous competition. You have a great home, thank you for sharing. Congratulations to Pam too. Your Pam PAC Kawfee Klatch Party is a formidable voting block!

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