Design a 1970s family room using vintage, new and reproduction items

I get in the mood to make a mood board when I find one spectacular element to build around. In the case of this 1970s family room inspiration design, the idea started when I spotted the new sofa, pictured above. It’s from Younger Furniture, and it’s upholstered in a brown corduroy. Gosh, nothing screams 1970s to me like corduroy, and I’m very happy to see it back, it’s a great material.

This Younger sectional is for a family room — meant to lounge on. So I pictured super comfy cozey — a That 70s Show man cave. To create the room I found:


  1. jkaye says:

    The colors here are very much like what was in our 70s basement family room. but our stuff was not quite so cool. It was all former living room stuff that had gotten shabby. We had a big print of an old training chugging across the prairie hanging on the panelled walls above a brown sectional. Our carpeting was multicolored stripes rather than a solid, but the greens and browns and beiges were in there. My parents rounded things out with some old bookcases painted in the “antiqued” look, in avocado green.

  2. hillary says:

    Love it. When I was a kid, our family friends had a den with a corduroy sofa in it that I thought was the most amazing wonderful comfortable piece of furniture I had ever seen/felt. I still hold corduroy sofas in very high esteem (also corduroy suits…truly a child of the 70’s!).

  3. Tut says:

    A fern and a macrame owl wall hanging. Maybe a red and orange string-art picture of a sailboat or suspension bridge against a black or brown background.

  4. rechercher says:

    Photo mural wallpaper (maybe green trees and ferns in a forest) instead of illustration mural would read more 70s to me. Also I don’t remember sectionals of that era having the chaise feature (correct me if I’m wrong–maybe I just never saw any), I guess one can just pretend that the recliner section (saw plenty of those!) is permanently extended…

  5. Urbanitra says:

    Wouldn’t a rain lamp look great hanging from the ceiling, too? Remember the those lamps that had the oil that ran down plastic strings that surrounded a little statue?

  6. Sara D says:

    It’s funny, cause those are totally the colours of my 70’s basement! Except the couch is orange corduroy, and the walls are brown panelling. It’s totally ugly but I love it. So yes… yes I would do it 🙂

  7. BungalowBILL says:

    I would have put the big Harris Strong cityscape over the sofa ( like I’ve done in my own home). If you’re going for a 70’s look, the thing that says 70’s to me is a big schefflera tree in a big white plastic planter. They were all over the place back then. If the room was on low light it would be a dracena marginata.

    1. pam kueber says:

      I was looking at Harris Strong, too, but could not resist Memory Lane. I think one of those is going to end up in my house at some point. Soon.

  8. Chris says:

    Right now, Rooms to Go has a WONDERFUL big brown corduroy sectional that we almost bought! It is large, but not too large, and quite reasonable. I want to say the style name was San Antonio….?

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