1960s kitchen with wall refrigerator freezerHere is a kitchen style that we have not seen featured on the blog before, as I recall. It’s a kitchen with cabinets made from two contrasting colors or designs of laminate. In this case: A starburst white laminate is the “field” color — and yo, a Brady Bunch orange is added to the Revco built-in refrigerator-freezer, wall cabinet doors and as a pop of trim. This kitchen is for sale — click on through for more yummy photos…1960s-kitchenTake notice of the vintage woven window shade and the dishwasher — lovely!

1960s-orange-and-starburst-laminate-kitchenI cropped this shot to show that the orange is laminate — not paint. You gotta love the Fred Flinstone floor, too!

coppertone starburst cabinet pulls on starburst laminate kitchen cabinetsCoppertone kitchen cabinet pulls sitting on starburst escutcheons, or backplate. 

(Remember, you can replicate this style — although not exactly, and not in coppertone — with knobs and starburst backplates available from Rejuvenation

1960s kitchen with starburst laminate cabinets52PostnBeam, our cabinet expert over on our Forum (now defunct) where this kitchen was originally posted, says that the Revco refrigerator-freezer shown is pretty darn rare.

1960s turquoise bathroom with mermaid shower door

The person who is selling the kitchen also sent me photos of the bathroom. It also is getting gutted, and she is happy to sell all the bathroom hardware as well. Hall Mack fish towel rings! A mermaid shower door (note: Be aware of the potential un-tempered glass issue — consult with a professional.) She even mentions: A toilet set embedded with pennies… And do I spy with my little eye maybe a nice mirror with built-in cosmetic box?

lilac bathroom

 Bathroom with lilac sink, toilet and tub. Love the Hall Mack shell towel hardware. 

Here is the craigslist link, all this stuff is on Long Island, NY, no prices “make an offer”: 1960s laminate kitchen cabinets.

  1. CindyD says:

    This kitchen is fabulous! I love the starburst laminate with those copper pulls – makes me smile everytime I see them. Looked at them several times yesterday. Thanks for pulling more kitchen and bath photos, Pam!

  2. Deborah McKinney says:

    I LOVE both the bright & cheery orange & white starburst kitchen & the turqouise bathroom fixtures! My parents intentionally put all turquoise fixtures in one of their main bathroom back in a brand-new custom home in 1980! Turquoise “sunken” tub with turqouise carpeting surrounding & covering the steps up to the tub and all around it. Turqouise double sinks & a Turqouise toilet !!! The carpeted bathroom was wall-to-wall turquoise! The wallpaper even had a shiny pattern of turqouise floral designs in it! Remember the crocheted plant hangers that were all the rage ! One of those was hanging over the turquoise tub! Their sunken den & gameroom area had all burnt orange carpet in it! Her pull-out stove in the kitchen, from the early-mid 60’s looked exactly like the one on BEWITCHED ~ same brand & model ! Ck. Samantha’s pull-out stove with the glass ovens above it sometime!

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    I’d get pretty tired of the orange, but overall the kitchen is FABOO! I also love the lilac bathroom. I’ve never seen that color of fixtures before. So pretty and girly. Living alone, I could totally rock the lilac bathroom, but I think all you with a DH would get some resistance.

  4. Keith M. says:

    Pam, I believe you have violated your “No Open Toilets” rule in the last post about the 1960s starburst-white and orange laminate kitchen….:-)

  5. Rose says:

    I am purchasing a home in Texas- closing is at the end of June. The kitchen has stainless steel Revco Gourmet fridge and freezer. The freezer does not work and will be very costly to fix (I am trying to find someone local to take a look at it and get the price down) If I decide not to fix it – does anyone know where I should try to sell these? I am trying to figure out what they are worth as well. They are very cool- and I hope I can get it fixed but just in case…

  6. Josie says:

    Holy heck, I LOVE sunny (not rusty late ’70s) orange. I love this kitchen!

    I’d love starbust hardware. It would look so cute in my kitchen, and my husband favours copper.

    And I’ve seen a few lilac bathrooms in my hometown, (in houses that were usually for sale as gut jobs, some not even habitable…) but that one is really, really nice. I like lilac. I’m not a big fan of undersea themed bathrooms, but now my head is turning with ideas about lilac fixtures in rooms with wallpaper in soft lavender and butter – florals. Maybe violets? Ooh.

    Too bad my hometown is 9000 miles away at the moment – and I’ve never seen lilac out here. 🙁

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