Use a decorative, mid-century living room screen as a headboard

troy uses a decorative living room screen as a headboardHere is a great idea from the ever-inspirational reader SF Troy. I recently checked in with him to see what has been going on in his Bay Area Eichler home. He said that he’s been very busy riding his bike in fundraisers — yay, Troy! — and only recently has settled back inside to contemplate the next wave of house projects. But he did say he recently visited The Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento, where he purchased this decorative, four-panel mid century screen — which he easily repurposed into a headboard. Brilliant! It looks great behind the bed.

mid century modern decorative screen used as a headboard

Another idea: Use the decorative lattice screen (pvc) available from Acurio Latticeworks to craft your own Troy-style headboard.

mid century modern living room screen used a headboard

I also want to point out how Troy is quite genius in his mixing of texture and geometric design: Big geometric in the rya (?) rug… Tight stripes on the bed… Small midmod on the screen… Amorphous lamps… wide stripes on the ceiling. There is a lot of pattern going on in this room — but none of it is clashy clashy, it’s all carefully orchestrated, piece-by-piece. Thank you, Troy — as usual!

More inspiration from Troy:

  1. I think what makes this room work is the vertical tension elements, things that direct your eye upwards (tall cactus on the left, the vertical side supports on the screen and the tall lamps flanking the bed). Otherwise, what you have is a room with a low bed and end tables.

    The predominant texture and pattern is on the floor carpet. The subordinate texture and pattern is on the screen, and the accent pattern and texture is the pale stripe of the bed cover.

    Also, this room is composed of Brown, Black and Beige. The two lamps that flank the bed have an organic vibe, not unlike the texture of the cactus.

    1. pam kueber says:

      yup: that Troy is a genius! although i have to say (or ask him, even better): i tend to think the cacti are staged for the photo…

  2. John Hedge says:

    Looks super nifty. It’s easier to see in the picture where the lights are off. Nice score picking up that screen. They could even be hung horizontally all the way up to the ceiling for a different look. I’ll keep my eye out to spot any that may come my way.

  3. Jana (Berniecat) says:

    Troy, you certainly have a talent! The headboard provides symmetry for the room and is an absolutely awesome idea! The cacti are a perfect addition to add a different color and texture to the design. Well done!

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