A house full of 400 vintage appliances: Crazy cool!

“… Yes… we’re obsessed… but in positive way…”

This video is INSANE! This couple, Robert and Fred, have collected $40,000 worth of vintage appliances — a total of 400 appliances — including vintage Mixmasters, Hoover vacuums, Constellations, toasters. And, they have like 26 washers and dryers in their 1,200 basement alone. They now never use a washing machine made after 1965. These are our kind of people! Thanks to reader Amanda for the tip! Click on through to watch –>

  1. Diane Rovnack says:

    I just LOVE your video! What a cool home you have! The appliances are too cool for words!!!! Do you have ANY idea where I can get a ROSE colored Rubbermaid dish basin? They seem to be non existant these days! There has to be somewhere I can get one. I checked on E Bay and saw none!

  2. Francis says:

    Either of these guys should be featured on the Jerry Springer show, “Baggage.” Imagine hearing Jerry say, “My house is filled with 400 vintage appliances.”

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