A house full of 400 vintage appliances: Crazy cool!

“… Yes… we’re obsessed… but in positive way…”

This video is INSANE! This couple, Robert and Fred, have collected $40,000 worth of vintage appliances — a total of 400 appliances — including vintage Mixmasters, Hoover vacuums, Constellations, toasters. And, they have like 26 washers and dryers in their 1,200 basement alone. They now never use a washing machine made after 1965. These are our kind of people! Thanks to reader Amanda for the tip! Click on through to watch –>

  1. Michael says:

    What an awesome “obsession”– I wish they were my neighbours! Next time my partner gives me a hard time about my own obsession with vintage Christmas decor, I’ll just sit him down and show him this video. Thanks, Pam!

  2. Justin says:

    I have not had the pleasure to have met Robert or Fred as of yet, but his site is one that I visit every day right before visiting this site.(only because I’ve known about it longer than this site.) I have met some nice people from the club and seen some beautiful machines. I am into the vintage appliances like they are, but have no where near the amount that they do. I originally started with the old tube style radios and then moved into the tvs. Mainly 50’s, but have some older and some newer into the 60s. My Fridge is from 49 stove from 41, dishwasher from 55, and then my prized washer and dryer are a 1963 Lady Kenmore set in Turquoise. The house was redone to reflect this era to include pink toilet and sink. Black and white tile countertop and backsplash in the kitchen. All the appliances we have in our home work and are used on a daily basis.

  3. Linda says:

    I also was bitten by the old days bug. About 16 years ago I saw a 1950’s pink Rubbermaid dishpan that I just had to have. I then went on a quest to find anything pink from that era. OMG just to mention a few I have 5 pink GE ranges, a mint pink double drain board sink I bought off ebay for $3,000, a wall refrigerator,deep freezer,dishwasher,refrigerator,mixers,blenders,poly-flex plastic I could go on and on. I had put everything in storage for the one day for us to build our dream home. Well that didnt happen. I was Trauma nurse for the past 26 years, and on one faitfull night I was watching the news and saw the story about John Ritter dying. It was so sad. My husband 42 years old went to take our lad Zack out for a walk. I went to bed. The next thing I knew he woke me up and was in distress. I called 911. My husband suffered an aortic dissection just like John Ritter did. He died in the rescue, but they were able to save him. He had an aortic dissection also. How ironic. Everything I have is in storage and has been there ever since. I have 2 girls that will someday get the pleasure to use all my treasures.

  4. tammyCA says:

    I started watching this new show when it started and in between the very creepy obsessions (the blow up dolls in particular really creep me out) there are some cool ones like these guys. Who cares if they are obsessive, they enjoy rescuing old appliances from the landfills and restoring them…and, they have a very cool vintage decor.
    The other episode I liked was the girl who lives a 1950s lifestyle…but, had to laugh when she put plastic bags over her vintage shoes because she didn’t have ’50s snow boots. I remember as a kid wearing Wonder bread bags over shoes. 🙂

  5. Francis says:

    Either of these guys should be featured on the Jerry Springer show, “Baggage.” Imagine hearing Jerry say, “My house is filled with 400 vintage appliances.”

  6. Diane Rovnack says:

    I just LOVE your video! What a cool home you have! The appliances are too cool for words!!!! Do you have ANY idea where I can get a ROSE colored Rubbermaid dish basin? They seem to be non existant these days! There has to be somewhere I can get one. I checked on E Bay and saw none!

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