Vintage Magic Queen kitchen faucet — a major new kitchen history discovery

vintage magic queen kitchen faucetJust when I feel like I’m getting a big jaded — as if “I’ve seen everything, yawn” — a fabulous reader sends me an email and photos and slaps me upside the head with: WOAH, LOOK AT THIS! Yes, mega props to reader Tami and woah, look at what she has spotted now: A vintage Magic Queen kitchen faucet. Never seen here before. Kinda like the original 1948 Dishmaster, but more squat. More photos of the Magic Queen faucet and Tami’s note, including where she spotted it for sale, follows –>
magic queen kitchen faucetHi Pam –
I went to the mid-century mecca of all antique malls today – Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento, CA. They never fail to have tons of drool worthy mid century items and furniture, although it can be quite spendy. Today,  two things caught my eye. OK, more than two… I lied. And I am pre-begging your forgiveness for not snapping any photos of the 1950’s Sears corner sectional complete with built inmarbleized corner table in the back corner, that was still wearing its original and pristine “Spring Violet” frieze upholstery. Yes, real original lavender purple frieze. Not pink. Not salmon. Not aqua. Not gray. Not blue. Not green. It was truly lavender purple. To. Die. For. Provided you had $2,895 falling out of your pocket to spend on it which also included the matching marbleized round coffee table, one matching end table, and the two light tulip lamp that was sitting on the built in table. All were acquired from the original owners and are being sold only as a set.
the magic queen kitchen faucet is on a youngstown steel kitchen cabinet sink baseAs I wandered, I came across what the area where they are setting up a permanent kitchen display using Youngstown cabinets (swoon!). The sink cabinet had a “Magic Queen” faucet, which looks to be the same basic layout as a vintage Dishmaster. I took some photos of it, in case readers want another name to watch out for when kitchen faucet shopping. It is pretty fantabulous!
magic queen kitchen faucetHope you enjoy!
10 gold stars for you today, Tami. Many thanks!
Now that I knew to look for this, I found one other example – in this photo on flickr, a wall-hung Magic Queen kitchen faucet. That’s all I could find searching online for other example of this faucet. I guessing: A rare wonderful oddity, for sure.

Click here to oooh and ahh at all the wonderful oddities — “woddities” — from midcentury America.

  1. Sara says:

    Is this the thing that Rob and Laura Petrie had in their kitchen sink in the Dick Van Dyke Show?

  2. Doug says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still looking for a faucet like this or not. I am helping my cousin with her kitchen. She inherited one with her last home and loved it so much she just bought a new one for this house. Thought I’d pass along this vintage looking model.

    Imperial Four Dishmaster 2-Hdl Kitchen Faucet Chrome
    Editorial from the listing…
    Our Price : $209.99 EA
    Imperial Four Dishmaster 2-Hdl Kitchen Faucet Chrome (44000176)
    (Item in stock! ) 2-Handle deck-mount or wall-mount with sprayer. Hot soapy water at the touch of a button, then simply release for clear water rinse. Scrape, wash & rinse, all in one easy motion.

    There are also more contemporary design versions available, prices on all ranged from $250-$300.

  3. Bonnie Garnett says:

    Hi……..Was wondering if anyone has seen a Magic Queen faucet for sale??????? I’ve been doing my kitchen back to the 50’s and is it so cooooooool….. thanks, Bonnie

    1. jc says:

      Hard water stains be gone…dawn dish soap half fill a spray bottle and fill rest of the way with white vinegar. Gently mix and spray, leave on for some time..an hour…rub with scrubber rinse..repeat as often as necessary to get it clean..

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