Vintage Newport Chesterfield sectional sofa with hideaway spaghetti lamps

Retro Renovation readers continue to discover amazing retro wonderfulness daily, golly I can hardly keep up with your email tips. But keep them coming! Snaps today go to Helen, who sent me this tip on this amazing vintage sofa sectional on craigslist in British Columbia. [link long gone.] Oh my: A 1940s or 1950s style sectional with original upholstery, big as a Studebaker … moreover, lookie the hideaway spaghetti lamps –>

… plus, there’s a hideaway storage in the center, and note how ottomans kind of click in and click out — revealing side tables — when you want to use them. This thing is a triumph of human engineering. Or something.

I immediately contacted the seller, who gave me permission to feature these photos, told me that she is a regular reader of the blog and provided a bit more historical information: “The manufacturer of the sofa is a an old Canadian company – Newport Chesterfield Company of Toronto.”

Goes in “woddity” category. Thank you, Helen!

  1. Lise says:

    My parents had a similar one, but no hidden lamps, just the bar and end tables, however, it has been re-upholstered from the original brow colour, would anyone know approximately how much it would be worth? And how do I include a picture?

  2. Kory says:

    I have one of these from Same Company with martini bar that spins and two removable stools that cover end tables. Real Social piece. Reversible brown/cream cushions. Original fabric. In process of maybe recovering in a 60 70’s design.

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