Retro Renovation’s “The Hard Way Award” winner — 2012: Bizarro Twin Pam and her tale of 6 kitchens

six kitchen renovations2012 was, I think, the year of “epic”. We saw Cullen’s epic Brooklyn apartment. Which inspired my crazy office remodel. The time capsule houses were wonderful. The woddities were wodder than ever. But, one reader who had us all beat: Bizarro Twin Pam — who gave us her serial renovation stories involving six kitchens.  Her latest, 2012 project: Buying a gorgeous, vintage St. Charles kitchen from a time capsule house that we featured here on the blog, and transporting and reconfiguring it into her new/old home. Bizarro Twin Pam, you are a force of nature to be reckoned with. Congratulations, you are Retro Renovation’s The Hard Way Award Winner — 2012! Read on for the runners up!

Runners Up – Kitchens:

Runners Up — Bathrooms:

Runners Up — Notable Achievements:

Previous The Hard Way Award Winners:

  1. Marta says:

    Although sorry that the time capsule owners didn’t appreciate it, I am THRILLED Bizzaro Twin Pam got her hands on those delicious cabinets. What a wonderful new kitchen she created!

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