23 red dinette sets — vintage kitchen treasures

Vintage-red-and-white-dinette-loriRemember Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”? Well, get that tune in your head and instead, let’s sing “Little Red Dinette”. Readers recently uploaded 217 vintage dinette sets  — and what become very clear, very fast, was the amazing diversity of kitchen dinette designs and colors there were back in the day. In this first followup story, we illustrate this idea with red, red and more red dinette sets — it’s kind of epic, actually — 23 red dinette, in all, and there were even more in the uploader. Continue on, and join us in taking a look at the diversity of these styles — inlaid laminate table tops, solids, and the earlier-model porcelainenamel metal tops…. dinette chairs… and cool upholstery, too. What inventiveness! What charm! What cheer!

23-retro-red-dinette-setsRed dinette sets with inlaid laminate table tops

Vintage-red-and-white-dinette-loriCould a vintage red dinette get any sweeter than this little package — all tied up with an inlaid bow. So sweet. This dinette set looks great in Lori’s pastel kitchen.

vintage-inlaid-red-and-chrome-dinette-DiannaThis curved inlay design on reader Dianna’s dinette top is more minimalistic (which may be why I adore this particular set). Another favorite part is how the backs of the chairs curve to match the table top inlay — and are also lined with red to mirror the table top. Now that’s good design.

vintage-dinette-with-studded-sides-red-and-whiteTables with one central leg like the one above are particularly desirable if you are trying to squeeze a lot of chairs around the table — perhaps for a game of cards? Not only does this table have a wonderful apple design inlaid on the top, but the thick red cracked ice sides have a fun diamond stud design — which really makes this table special.

red-white-and-grey-cracked-ice-inlaid-dinetteHere’s another whimsical inlaid design — with tulips — paired with light grey cracked ice chairs and one wildcard yellow chair to complete the set. (Is the extension from a different table, we wonder?)

red-cracked-ice-retro-dinetteHey, here’s the same table top design paired with red chairs and some plaid wild card chairs for a completely different overall look. It just goes to show you how versatile these colorful dinette sets can be. Nicely staged photo!

red-and-white-inlaid-vintage-dinetteThis bold, graphic table top design is well complemented by the red and white upholstered chairs trimmed with white piping. Nice!

dinette setHere’s another sweet inlay — which reminds me of a doily draped off the sides of the table. The design on this table goes very well with the curtains in the background, don’t you think?

red-and-grey-cracked-ice-retro-dinetteThis cracked ice leaf pattern within the grey stripe makes this tiny table feel longer than it actually is — a great visual trick for a cute little table set.

1953-vintage-red-dinette-chromeAnd hark — is that plaid — paired with some fancy two toned grey and red cracked ice chairs? When will they be serving the apple pie?

Solid color dinette sets

small-red-cracked-ice-vintage-dinette-Becky-IowaThis cute little red dinette looks like it may be square — and that it just fits into this corner of reader Becky from Iowa’s kitchen, just a wee babe with two matching chairs.

thick-chrome-vintage-dinette-with-red-seats-Uncle-AtomReader Uncle Atom has a dinette with some very unusual legs on both the table and the chairs. Don’t you also dig the chair backs and that extra wide chrome rim around the table edge?

Retro-styled-red-and-chrome-dinette-Jamie_abeReader Jamie_abe confessed that their dinette is not vintage — but that doesn’t make it any less adorable. It must be the showpiece of their pale blue and white kitchen — sitting next to their polka dot curtains. Jamie, where did you find this? We need to identify resources for quality reproductions.

Retro-red-and-chrome-dinetteThe compact dinette above is very pleasing to the eye — with rounded seat backs, curved chair and table legs and rounded corners. There is even an accompanying Cosco step stool parked over in the corner. Together with the wallpapered accent wall and the decor — this is a charming vintage country kitchen.

red-starburst-and-chrome-vintage-dinetteAnother favorite of this round up — this dinette from Brian and Keri’s kitchen — love those atomic starburst vinyl chairs! The set really pops off the electric blue wall and you can see how much this table is loved by the mirror finish on the chrome.

red-white-and-chrome-dinetteThe rounded table in this reader’s set coordinates well with the rounded end of the cabinet — and adds just enough red to liven up a fresh white kitchen. Pop! goes the color!

red-and-chrome-vintage-dinette-Venice010During the holidays, reader Venice010’s set fits right in with the aluminum tree. At first glance you barely notice that two of the chairs are two-tone in red and grey cracked ice vinyl and the other two are red fiberglass chairs — further evidence of the mix-and-match versatility of the dinette.

red-dinette-with-chrome-accents-vintageYou’ve gotta love a wide band of chrome all the way around the table top — like the set above.

red-and-chrome-vintage-dinetteMight this set and the previous set be siblings?

red-and-white-vintage-dinette-KathyDThe looped table legs on reader Kathy D’s dinette set are unique — as well as how the thick red edge, chrome banding and grey table top all come together as one.

Booth dinette sets

red-dinette-vintage-with-benchesJust when you thought there couldn’t be any more variations of a red dinette — ta da — booths. I wonder how many milkshakes this booth has seen — it looks like it belongs in a 50s diner.

Red-vintage-kitchen-boothThis charming red booth is the perfect place to cozy up for a cup of coffee — and a cuddle with this retro loving kitty.

red-and-chrome-dinette-with-booth-seatingWho wouldn’t want to sit at this built in booth — with its chicken upholstery — and surrounded by what looks like knotty pine for a family game night? Count me in.

Enameled dinettes

red-and-white-enamel-dinetteLast, it would have been unfair to exclude this cute little enameled table — complete with a storage drawer — from our list. It is more vintage than retro, but fits right in with the light up juke box in this readers retro rec room. Pam says that this is her Mom’s dream kitchen table.

When readers were uploading photos of all their dinette sets, gsciencechick commented,

I haven’t had so much fun since the lamp uploader!


Want more info about dinette sets — where to buy them, how to clean or upholster them?
See our dinette sets page


  1. Roselouise Holz says:

    Love seeing my table featured in your post tonight. Thanks!!
    And if you happen to be in NJ; apple pie making day is tomorrow 🙂

  2. Becky from Iowa says:

    Aw, there’s my liytle cutie! I think it’s an earlier model than some–late’40’s, maybe–because it has two spring-loaded pop up “wings” which I can use if I ever get a bigger kitchen…similar to what often isfound on ceramic top tables w/ wooden legs, common from the Twenties thru the Forties.

    1. Becky from Iowa says:

      Oh, and I forgot to mention: the skirt is red paintedwood, which also leads me to believe this was an early transitional formica dinette.

  3. Deb Cerrone says:

    Mine is grey cracked ice and I still can’t believe that it’s over 50 years old. It’s built like a tank! Just about everyone who sees it says “My grandmother had one just like it” For those who are looking for chairs Target still sells red or black ones online. I have the black and they are very well made.

  4. Jan Hare says:

    I adore the one on the front page with the bows, as well as the one with the tulips. Of course I’d take ANY of them.

    Also love the enamel table at the bottom.

    Oh my goodness. 🙂

  5. Sixtieschic says:

    I bought for $17 a cracked gray ice rectangle table with the leaf and hairpin legs at an estate sale 3 years ago! It’s in pretty good condition. I plan on using lucy diner chairs they still sell at Target in the glitter red upholstery. I think it will look nice in my kitchen with the jade green walls.

  6. Sharon says:

    Have a white enamel table with a red border and white wooden legs that my parents purchased in the mid 1950’s. It has an extension on either side to expand it to 60″ X 46″. It needs a little repair for the extensions to be solid.
    This jewel survived being stored for five years, shipped 150 miles, used as a kitchen table in an old house, then moved to a house my father built in the 70’s.
    Now I am remodeling my kitchen and plan to use it with a couple of benches as a breakfast table in the corner of the kitchen. I have lots of plans for this kitchen, including using my grandmothers wood cook stove for an island, but will have to wait for us to replace one side of the roof.
    I can’t wait to get started on the kitchen, but need suggestions on “painted rug” design.

  7. linda resner says:

    I have the red and green diner booth. I love it but it’s in really tough shape.
    I would really love to reupholster and re chrome it.
    I was wondering if would be wrong to do it.
    How do you feel about restoration?


    1. pam kueber says:

      Hey, go ahead and restore it and enjoy it! Lots of resources here on the blog for both laminate and upholstery. See Kitchens/Countertops and Remodel Basics/Upholstery

  8. Hillary says:

    I wish I had been able to get my dinette photo-ready! I have a red cracked-ice table with red plastic trim in the chrome edge and a red metal bowl/planter beneath. It’s Keuhne Krome, for anyone familiar with the brand. I recently got new (repro) chairs with the grey cracked-ice vinyl and red piping and they look great together! Someday, I’ll get some pictures.

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