Vintage scarf designs by Vera Neumann — available in vast numbers, at great prices, online

vintage-vera-scarf-flowers-orange-and-yellowYesterday’s breaking news post — 17 reproduction Vintage Vera scarves at Target on April 28th — is exciting. But if the Vintage Vera (lady)bug has bit you, and you don’t want to wait, good news, because there are a vast number and variety of vintage Vera scarves readily available today on Etsy, Ebay and in thrift stores. (We found and feature one etsy seller with 403 Vera Neumann-designed scarves to sell!) We can easily find original real-deal Vera Neumann scarves that are very reasonably priced — in some cases less than the new reissued designs. If you can’t wait to see all 17 designs soon to be available at Target (and gone fast in a sold-out frenzy, we bet) — why not start window shopping the hundreds of vintage patterns that are readily available today? The springy vintage Vera scarf above from Etsy seller CkshopperVintage is $21 including shipping. That’s pretty spot-on the Target reproduction price. Who knows — you might find a vintage scarf that you love for a great price — and avoid fisticuffs at Target, or showing up at the office only to find that you match a coworker.

vintage-vera-leaves-scarf-orange-and-greenAbove: The radial leaf pattern on this green and orange vintage Vera scarf from Etsy seller Mandy looks very midcentury.


Above: Another mid century option — this happy yellow, orange and purple abstract print from Esty seller theluckyfish — who claims to have the web’s largest collection on Vera Neumann vintage scarves. Currently I counted 403 vintage Vera scarves in her shop!!!vintage-vera-psychadelic-70s-scarf

Above: Here’s another fabulous Vera scarf print from the 1970s — again from Etsy seller theluckyfish.vintage-vera-flowery-scarf

Above: An eye popping vivid floral scarf print by Vera from Etsy seller FancyLuckyVintage.
vintage-vera-red-white-and-blue-flowered-scarfAbove: A bold, graphic, red, white and blue flower print on this Vera scarf from the late 70s/early 80s from Etsy seller miss32act.

vintage-vera-leaf-scarfAbove: A high contrast leaf shaped pattern on this vintage Vera scarf from Etsy seller Dust2Den would be the crowning touch to a fall ensemble.

vintage-vera-lillypad-scarfThis sheer green and purple lily pad vintage Vera scarf from Etsy seller andthenYesterday would be just lovely to wear in the springtime — or anytime.


vintage-vera-coral-dots-scarfAbove: If flowers aren’t your thing — there are tons of vintage Vera eye popping geometric designs available — such as this coral dot scarf from Etsy seller LakeStreetVintage. 

Mega thanks to all our Etsy sellers for allowing us to showcase just a small portion of the beautiful vintage Vera scarves that are available.

Vintage Vera scarves — originals — on ebay:


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For more information about Vera Neumann — read our comprehensive online guide.

  1. I still have cloth table napkins with the very same pattern on them as in the first photo. Got them in the 60’s or 70’s!

    Lesson from a woman pushing 70: Don’t ever throw anything away!

    1. Jill says:

      Linda, Thank you for that comment! I just bought a table cloth with that pattern and was wondering if it was a mid-century piece, or a reproduction. I bought it to match a Vera calendar towel from my birth year. So excited to have discovered such a wonderful designer.

  2. Jenny says:

    Love these vibrant scarves, especially the eye popping one with the red flowers. I usually stumble across quite a few of these scarves in charity shops, it’s a pity I didn’t get them when I had the chance!

  3. Diane in CO says:

    I am an admirer of vintage Vera! From my late Mom I have 20 vintage cloth Christmas napkins with holly design. Have a couple of scarves. Recently, at Tuesday Morning, I found 2 sets of (new) Vera placemats which are graphically wonderful: a dark red scalloped mat set with cream polka dots and luscious turquoise mats with white fern design. (Can’t wait for al fresco dining – if we ever get rid of our snow!)

    I went to our Target today just to make sure but no Vera scarves yet.

    Here is a great blog about how to tell vintage Vera from new Vera and the history of the company. Also mentions Tuesday Morning finds. Good information, you will enjoy the read. http://thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/vera-neumann-telling-new-from-old/

  4. Chris Kaland says:

    Thank you, Kate, for headling my Vera scarf in your lovely editorial!
    Vera designed such beautiful patterns and colors that are inspirational and will always be classic and on-trend modern accessories for any age.

    Chris from CkshopperVintage

  5. Annie B. says:

    What valuable assets to the summer vintage wardrobe. I can see a vividly colored Vera scarf paired with a sleeveless short white shift for a ’60’s look. A Lucite pin to hold the scarf, matching earrings and bangles – wow. These scarves are must-haves. Thank you, Kate.

  6. Stacey Pratt says:

    So many wonderful vintage scarfs on Etsy!! Thank you for featuring our fall inspired Vera Scarf.


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