Who should win our “The Hard Way Award” winner for their Bathroom Remodel 2015

the hard way bathroomsHard-way-award-bathroom-2015[Voting now closed] Now that the year is coming to a close, another annual Retro Renovation tradition: Taking a look back at reader remodels and awarding our “The Hard Way Awards” for bathrooms and kitchens.  To start — Kate and I narrowed to four finalists in the Bathroom Category — now, it’s your turn to take a look and cast your vote! pored over the retro bathrooms that readers have remodeled in the past year and picked our four finalists for this year’s “The Hard Way Award Bathroom Remodel category.

Voting is open through Sunday, Jan. 3. We’ll announce our winners that week.  

1. Cindy’s bathroom — 28 years in the making

vintage bathroomCindy was not in love with the bathroom in her retro ranch when she bought the house in 1986, but it was perfectly functional. She decided that it was better to take the time and plan everything out just the way she wanted, even if it took a long time — an impressive 28 years! Once the plan was set, Cindy used vintage finds, a custom built mini storage cabinet and the resource here on Retro Renovation to create the vintage bathroom of her dreams.

2. Phyllis’ bathroom — Preserving the Pink

retro pink bathroomWhen Phyllis bought her fixer upper rental property, it had a pink bathroom — which was the main reason she bought the house. Phyllis runs a retro-eclectic-salvage shop, and she desperately wanted to save this pink bathroom, but unfortunately, it was worn and remuddled beyond repair. While planning her gut remodel of the space, Phyllis could have played it safe and gone with a neutral color scheme, but she decided to take a chance and preserve the pink. After finding a glut of New Old Stock pink bathroom tile at her local tile store, the plan was set. Pyllis says that EVERYONE who came through to look at the property loved the pink bathroom.

3. Jane’s bathroom — 1939 pink and green for Mom

vintage green and pink bathroomJane used a variety of carefully selected old and new pieces — including new tile from B&W, vintage ceramic accessories from World of Tile and new pieces like the sink, faucet and medicine cabinet — to lovingly create a pink and green vintage style bathroom for her mom Jenifer. Taking inspiration from her home’s two original bathrooms, Jane designed this bathroom to fit right in among the rest of the decor in her 1939 colonial style home.

4. Dana’s bathroom — Reversing a bland remuddle

midcentury bathroomDana knew the bland big box remuddle of one of her home’s two bathrooms had to be remedied. But, she didn’t have too much dough re mi to spend on the project, so she had to get creative and use her DIY skills. After finding a 1939 pink lowboy toilet on Craigslist, she knew pink potty perfection would be hers. She had some pink tiles created to match the toilet, which she used with vintage maroon edging and ceramic accessories to create a tiled countertop and backsplash. Along with other vintage finds from Habitat for Humanity and a lot of hard work, Dana has created a wonderful vintage-style bathroom.

the hard way bathroomsAfter you have reviewed the entries via the links above, vote for your favorite using this polldaddy poll: