Rare & wonderful 1962 Lawndale-Cole kitchen faucet — one of the first spray-spout faucets ever?

retro lawndale cole dial flow faucetWoddity alert! I spotted this 1962-design Lawndale-Cole Dial-Flow Kitchen faucet listed for sale by seller daddybigfiyah305 yesterday. Check out the faucet — it pulls out to become a sprayer — a design super popular on kitchen faucets today. Its overall design is just lovely as well! UPDATE: Sold by 10 a.m. the day we published this story — that ole Retro Renovation Bump!

retro lawndale cole dial flow faucet

Precautionary Pam reminds:

Old plumbing products can contain vintage nastiness such as lead and/or may not be up to current codes. Before installing something like this, get with your own properly licensed professional to determine what you have so that you can make informed decisions.

I date this to circa-1962 — I spotted an ad for this particular faucet from a newspaper dated 1962 via Newspapers.com.

From the ebay listing:

New old stock vintage Lawndale Cole kitchen sink faucet in excellent condition in original box seems to be complete with hardware and gasket.

retro lawndale cole dial flow faucetretro lawndale cole dial flow faucetretro lawndale cole dial flow faucetretro lawndale cole dial flow faucetretro lawndale cole dial flow faucetretro lawndale cole dial flow faucetFor my “museum”?

Mint-in-box Sears kitchen faucet
A birthday present to myself in the wee early days of the blog — eight years ago! I am getting old!

Doggonit, it this vintage kitchen faucet were somewhat less spending, I would probably have snapped it up for my “Museum” before posting it here. I already am proud owner of an Electro-Sink Center with lots of attachments, an early-model Dishmaster, and a groovy 1978 Sears faucet with handles similar to those on this Lawndale-Cole faucet. None of my old kitchen faucets are installed, mind you — they just taking up space … errhem, “growing more valuable by the day” hahah — in my basement.

Mega thanks to ebay seller daddybigfiyah305 for allowing us to feature these photos.

  1. Joe Felice says:

    They had a Dishmaster in the kitchen in “Hot in Cleveland,” too. But I had never seen the faucet in this post. How forward-thinking for 54 years ago. The faucet that really amazes, though is the old, ball-style Delta, which came out in the early ’60s, and the design and engineering are still in use today!

  2. Sierra Sue Winters says:

    In our 1950’s home, we had what was called a “DishMaster” It, too, had a sprayer attached and you filled the “tank” with soap and a bit of water. It was the best way to “hand wash” dishes. Of course, there was no actual dishwasher in the house except for The Mr. and myself !!
    When we moved, 25+ yrs later, it was still there doing a beautiful job !! What can I say?? I miss my “old” DishMaster !!

      1. maria says:


        Carol Burnett had my same 1959 Coldspot pink fridge in her Mamma’s Family kitchen.

        (I should never have let them haul that baby away. It died after 43 years on the job and I didn’t bother to look into repairing it.)

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:

      When I was watching that show as a kid, it never occurred to me to notice the kitchen sink. It looked like those of many of my neighbors and friends!

  3. ineffablespace says:

    It would be nice if someone designed a faucet that would meet the current lead free requirements and looked like it belonged in a mid-century house, like this pullout.

    With pullouts we seem to have to choose between neo-Victorian/Edwardian, or ultra modernist/minimalist, neither of which seems quite correct.

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