Vintage Flow-Matic single handle bathroom faucet woddity

vintage single lever bathroom faucetWoddity faucets have been gushing into the open faster than water spraying out of a broken hose: Recently, we spotted the rare and wonderful 1962 Lawndale-Cole kitchen faucet, then the UFO shaped Universal Rundle bathroom sink faucet, and now — this rare vintage single handle bathroom faucet popped up on ebay from seller wert-nic. Yowza! vintage single lever bathroom faucet vintage single lever bathroom faucet

The back of the faucet shows the needed positioning of the lever to achieve ‘Hot’ ‘Warm’ or ‘Cold’ and also bears the faucet’s model name — ‘Flow Matic.’

From the ebay listing:

For sale is a very old single handle bathroom sink faucet.  I think the thing works yet and must have had very little use.  Nice shape moves smoothly and chrome looks good as well as the original lettering!!

vintage single lever bathroom faucet vintage single lever bathroom faucet

And, Precautionary Pam reminds: Old plumbing products can contain vintage nastiness such as lead and/or may not be up to current codes. Before installing something like this, get with your own properly licensed professional to determine what you have so that you can make informed decisions.

Mega thanks to ebay seller wert-nic for letting us feature this faucet on our website.

  1. Scott says:

    Nice. The stylized crown reminds me of the emblems Chrysler used on the Newport models in the 1960s.

    When I was growing up we had separate hot and cold water faucets placed at either end of the bathroom sink (not even a joiner in the center) so this would have seemed unimaginably futuristic at my house.

  2. Jeffrey Matthias says:

    It’s now mine. Let’s hope that it works out to be usable and in good shape. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. If I end up installing it, I will send photos.

      1. Jeffrey Matthias says:

        As a follow up, unfortunately, when I tested this faucet with a basic lead test kit, every internal surface of it comes up positive for toxic levels of lead. I will not be installing it.

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