Murray steel kitchen cabinets — of Scranton, Pa.

murray-kitchen-cabinetsWe’ve identified 80 different brands of metal kitchen cabinets made back in the day. Today, a new entry in my quest to have at least one feature on each and every brand. Up next: Murray cabinets and cabinet sinks. 

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murray-steel-kitchen-cabinetsI don’t have a catalog for this one — just a one-page ad. But it tells us that The Murray Corporation of America was based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. ANd, the company also made stoves and ranges.

murray-kitchensThe advertising was fun — typical of the ere including printing limitations, it featured idealistic imagery and text with the typical sales pitch.

murray-3-2I’m also going to try and hone my skills at distinguishing all the brands. The Murrays:

  • Top drawer overhangs bottom drawers or doors
  • Cabinet pulls — chrome pulls with molded recessed area below them. Similar to GE’s.
  • Wall cabinets — no handles, rounded bottom.
  • Whatnot walls units — have metal edge.
  • Kickplate — white.

Who else is going study along so’s we can play my “name that cabinet” game?

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  1. AK says:

    What are my options for new steel kitchen cabinets currently in production? I emailed Bertolini to see if they have a dealer near Seattle, but any other suggestions?

  2. Ashley says:

    Our kitchen is a full set of the Murray cabinets and they are covered in rust on the inside what would you suggest to remove said rust? We also want to re-paint once cleaned of the rust but we don’t have much experience with any of this so I’m not sure where to start. Most of the cabinets are great though a couple of them have trouble staying closed as the locking mechanisms are almost all broken but we have a plan to replace those with magnets.

  3. Pam Kueber says:

    Hi Ashley, I am not an expert on these questions/issues. It is advisable that you consult with experts and also be aware that old products can contain hazards, for more info see: https://retrorenovation.com/renovate-safe/

    I have also read, so be aware, that magnets also pose dangers — do your research / get with professionals on this issue as well.

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