My vintage lighted display clock from a Geneva kitchen cabinets store

light up geneva kitchens clockMy new hunka hunka: A vintage, lighted display clock that surely was used in a store that sold Geneva cabinets. I jumped on this Buy-It-Now the moment I saw it on ebay. I already have a Geneva kitchen merchandising banner in my kitchen full of 1963 Geneva kitchen cabinets, and this was a perfect addition. 

geneva kitchen cabinets clock

As promised, the case lit right up and the clock started turning the moment I turned it on.

The only thing is: Its operation is controlled by the plug. I need to get an adapter with an on/off switch so that I don’t have to plug it in all the time. The clock will always be wrong. But that’s okay. It’s the whole lighted aspect, along with the clock turning, that makes this a super duper piece of sales memorabilia.


geneva kitchens sales banner
Note: I also have a vintage sales banner in the kitchen 🙂


geneva steel kitchen cabinets clock signRight now I have the clock set standing on the counter, in the corner where my Treasure Craft cookie jar set has sat for 10+ years. The clock is designed to stand, or, there are openings in the back to hang on the wall. It’s just 24″ wide, so I have several great spaces in the kitchen where it could fit if I hang it. I need to think about where to place it for the long term, including how the plug fits in. 

vintage clock for a geneva kitchen cabinet storeThe clock was made by Price Brothers Inc. of Chicago and New York.

Hey. Chicago. Traveling to Kentucky for my father’s 80th birthday, I picked up the book “Devil in the White City.” What a fantastic book — riveting and such amazing research — it won a bunch of awards. But warning: Serial killer also involved. The book the TRUE STORY of all the famous architects and landscape designers behind the creation of the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Their “White City” World’s Fair that was an architectural and entertainment marvel. But ACK, at the same time as the fair, the “devil” nearby was Dextering young women, and author Erik Larson weaves that depravity in, too. Like I said, true story — stranger than fiction. I’m 90% done. Highly recommended! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

  1. Susan Halla says:

    If you would like to have it hung on the wall, have your electrician use a “clock box” which is an electrical outlet in a recessed box made for clocks so that you can plug it in behind the clock and the clock still sits flush to the wall (and you won’t see the wires).

    I love the suggestion for wiring the clock and the light separately – I’m sure that would be easy-peasy to do.

    Such a cool sign!

  2. Jay says:

    Been having trouble with the comment box not working, so I am late to the party. Great catch, it will provide nice accent/ambient light in the kitchen while you are watching TV and want to raid the fridge.
    Mr. Electrachime is right, the in-line switch is your easiest option that either you or your husband can DIY and will not affect the value. There are a number of items you can buy that are switched like those Christmas light foot operated switched extension cords. If both clock and light operate together then you are best to consult with a shop. Enjoy this great find.

  3. Lyndasewsalot says:

    Hi Pam, I think you could have someone wire that clock so the light works on a different switch than the clock part. I have one( not a cool Geneva like yours!) that works like that. The clock works . Then you pull a chain and the light goes on. Thanks for the good book tip. It’s always good to have an interesting book to read!

  4. Evan says:

    I loved “Devil”. I’ve read it twice–great book. I heard about the movie and was aghast when they said it was going to be Brad Pitt playing Holmes. He’s too tall/big (and too old). Leo DeCaprio is a better choice… I’ve always though Skeet Ulrich would be perfect for the part. The guy who played in the series Jericho. He’s got the right look, young/handsome, which is what made H. H. Holmes so dangerous for women. Fascinating book.

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