Nevamar Venus laminate — delightful atomic laminate pattern

nevamar venus
One of Krysten’s samples that helped relaunch Venus!

Oh so pretty: The Nevamar Venus laminate pattern — in four colors, including turquoise, lemon yellow, beige, and white. The atomic pattern in this vintage is delightful, and the colors are retro-lovely.

mid century modern countertop laminate nevamar venus

2019 Update: Nevamar saw this story… contacted me… and reintroduced the Venus pattern (and more) from Kyrsten’s chain! Wow! See my story on the new line here.

Thanks to Kyrsten, who found a whole chain of vintage Nevamar at a thrift shop. She’s actually selling the chain to me for the *museum*. Meanwhile, she also sent photos, which I’ll feature bit by bit. Above: Dreamy Turquoise Venus.

Above: White Venus.

Looks like Kyrsten has a vintage glitter laminate countertop already, lucky her! White Venus fits right in!

Above: Lemon Venus. Looks like the starbursties are three shades of yellow/gold — nice!

Above:  Beige Venus. Very nice. 

Readers: Alas, you can’t buy this any more. It’s a vintage design no longer made.

But there are quite a few patterned laminate options out there. To see them, dive into:

Thanks, Krysten!

  1. Paula says:

    We have a similar pattern with a black background on the soffit above our bar. I got really excited for a moment because I thought this was still available!

  2. Neil says:

    Love how the stars on the laminate are a little blobby. Kinda like hip little sea critters, each relaxed into it’s own mid cent grin.

  3. mike dager says:

    Still looking for a place to buy this laminate, Nevamar white venus,
    Need a sheet for the bar I am building for a client. Will probably be several more once this one is complete. Need a supplier for these products.
    Thank you

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