My new favorite laminate for a 1940s kitchen countertop

In the 1940s, you could have any color of kitchen countertop as long as it was black. I exaggerate, but only a little.

A couple of years ago I wrote a small e-book, which I never published, all about how to get the look of a 1940s countertop.

In short: Use black.

Like this: Arborite St. Laurent laminate. Three large samples just arrived in my mailbox (I was hunting and pecking what’s new on the interwebs again, and spotted it.) 

I like it. It looks like close enough old Cusheen see here or

or see here, to make me happy.

Get the IM finish, that’s the one I recommend.

Edge it in metal, either aluminum or stainless steel.

Live happily ever after.

My 1940s kitchen design boards:

The 1940s could be so sweet… at least the idealized version we have!


  1. Sarah says:

    We have that original black marbled Cusheen countertop in my 1952 kitchen, and it’s held up great! We love our Youngstown cabinets (with 4 corner Lazy Susan cabinets!) — we sandblasted them ourselves and had them powder-coated glossy white when we bought the house from the original owner. They look brand new!

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