Going Hollywood Regency in the foyer with vintage Thomas Strahan wallpaper

When I get overwhelmed, I tend to … whelm some more. Putting the final touches on the Mahalo Lounge is in abeyance while I procrastinate and do other stuff in my life and as is my way, don’t finish what I start. I KNOW I really should be finishing it. But then, I saw this vintage Thomas Strahan wallpaper on ebay for a good price and thought: The living room/dining room is shaping up krazy (well, still not enough krazy), so the foyer needs to be krazy, too.

So I’m going all Hollywood Regency — the flowers and birds wallpaper will go up the vertical walls…

… while the geometric Chinoiserie — same pattern as on the field of the wall-wallpaper — will go on the ceiling.

Because, you can never have too much wallpaper — especially METALLIC wallpaper — in your house. Just like, you can never have too many unfinished projects. Ugh ugh ugh.

Has everyone noticed? Wallpaper is now on trend. Golly, how I despise it when media say things are on trend. Ugh ugh ugh.

Do not follow trends. Ignore trends. Run screaming from trends. Follow your everlastinggobstopper heart o’ hearts.

Las Vegas show girl headdress. Duh.

I think that this wallpaper magnetically drawn to me also was influenced by my pondering my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. The flamboyance of vintage Vegas — amazing!

  1. Carol says:

    So glad to read I’m not the only one! My plywood kitchen cupboard doors have been off for months waiting refinishing, the countertop is only partly repaired before I put a copper finish on it, I have oodles of sewing to do for curtains in every room, am finishing off my Tiki sunroom and now that the weather is nice am itching to get outside to finish my patio, till the garden and get some permanent plantings in there! The big project hanging over my head is to replace my front steps, then I need new shutters and to paint my front door. This is only most of my list…..

  2. Henrik Rasmussen says:

    are the background/base color of the the 2 papers the same?
    one looks white the other one creme.

  3. Wendellyn says:

    That head dress is unbelievable! Good heavens, talk about a migraine, right? Now, on to wallpaper. I am a very tactile person. I like to see and touch what I am buying. If wallpaper is a trend(?) then none of the stores have gotten the memo! I have hit every big box store and NO ONE carries wallpaper on site! Only online. Ugh!! I know that I can PAY for samples but I just think that is a waste of money. Any suggestions! By the way, your vintage wallpaper is awesome!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Lovely wallpapers and love your plan on how to use them. And Please Please Please Pam, do finish the Mahalo Lounge soon, you will be a great inspiration to your readers and give great joy to many, showing us your completed masterwork. Again, please please Pretty please.

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