Ornament wreath #2 for 2018 — tarnished “Old World” Christmas

I’m wrapping up my crafting for 2018, I think. For my vintage ornament wreath #2 this season, I started with a similar red-green-silver-goal base/back/bottom as in wreath #1. But on top of that colorful kitschmas party, I decided I’d try to select richer, darker, older looking ornaments — note the black — to distinguish this wreath as more Old World Christmas. I wanted it to look … tarnished. I love how it turned out, so much so I got out the good camera, the camera stick, and the lights.

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I’ve done about 12 wreaths now, and my ‘system’ is to build focal points — usually in three spots — at about 2 o’clock, 5 o’clock and 9:30 o’clock — around the wreath.  

Starting, I also usually have an idea or concept for each wreath, usually built around a particular color palette and with a certain ‘personality’ in mind. Like I said, this one is Old World Classic red/green/gold/silver.

April’s corsage wreath — story here

I have certain ticks that keep me amused and challenged as I go:

  • I try not to ‘repeat’ the decorative weebit types on top — that is, I only use one wood weebit ornament, one china ornament, one putz house, one pine cone elf, one reflector, etc.
  • I always include one wood character who is missing limbs; my homage to Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys.

Okay, so this wreath has two corsages. Remember when April made that wreath using 10 vintage Christmas corsages? Yes, I stole the idea from her — instant focal point!

Note the berries used as filler — those are cut from vintage floral picks, another great item to look for at thrift shops, estate sales, etc. I got these red berries — incredible quality — in a bunch of New Old Stock Made in Korea vintage floral picks scored last week at the local Goodwill. Pretty much everything in my wreaths are found a local estate sales. Some of the base ornaments (base/back/bottom row/outside ring) are new.

I never fill in the inside ring — I much prefer seeing the ‘white space’ of the donut hole… I like seeing the tinsel, it brings light to the wreath and in its way makes it easier to ‘see’ the ornaments… and I like the added challenge of having to work  within that open ring. I counted: This wreath has 78 ornaments on it — 20 around the perimeter, 57 on top. 

Pats self on back.

  1. Jay says:

    Beautiful, this ones a keeper. I like seeing the exposed edge of the garland. It really looks vintage and the vintage berry trims are superior to the stuff being made today.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Great job on this one! I think if I studied it in person I would keep finding new favorite focal points. Right now it’s between the Santa face at one o’clock and the crocheted ball at five o’clock.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Your tarnished definition and expression brings to mind people who buy sepia/black&white pictures to make instant ancestors. Shiny and bright is expected but this tarnished look seems like it’s been in the family and you were the lucky one to inherit.
    So…what happens to this plethora of wreaths? The season runs from the Sat. after T’giving til the second week of Jan. Blue, white & silver can stay up til almost Valentine’s Day (if you live in snowy climes to brighten the winter days). Do you phase some out to allow new ones in? Keep a few years and ? (donate for re-sale, homes, door prizes)

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I give them away to friends and family. So far, I have only kept two — one for me (the silver wreath) and one for my daughter (pink).

      I don’t sell them, I don’t want them to go only to folks who can afford $400 for a wreath, because that’s what I’d charge. These are big and full of expensive ornaments!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I get wreath containers every year from places like Big Lots – I’m actually about to head there today to see if I can score any. This is one of the kinds I’ve found there and have successfully used, it’s also available on Amazon (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2EamQAN

      Do NOT get the kind with a hole in the middle.

      One year I also bulk ordered wreath storage boxes from U-Line, but I much prefer the plastic — the plastic has handles, you can see which wreath is which, etc.

      1. Gail says:

        You can find these wreath containers at JoAnn or Michaels – search for “holiday storage” and always use the coupon for 40% off if not already on sale

  4. Maria says:

    So many items in your wreaths are cherished ornaments from my childhood and still go on on our tree. It’s a joy to see their familiar faces!

    Thanks for sharing. Whoever gets these are lucky indeed!

  5. lynda davis says:

    Pretty as can be. And so nice to use up a stash of ornaments! I feel that thrill whenever I use up some of my fabric stash. You are very talented.

  6. Erica says:

    I so wish to be on of your friends or family members, lol! The wreath is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. As usual, you’re an inspiration. Happy holidays. 🙂

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