Starburst bathroom hardware — full line now available

starburst bathroom fixturesReaders responded so positively my recent story about Vintage Revival Art Co’s new starburst towel bars that owner Jason quickly worked on getting his additional designs produced and online. Now, he has a complete line of starburst bathroom fixtures for sale: starburst towel bars in three sizes, a starburst towel ring, robe hook, toilet paper holder, and a cabinet knob. Let’s take a closer look >>

starburst towel ringI asked Jason how his production was going. He wrote:

Right now I’m putting out about 50 pieces a week, which has allowed me to keep my Etsy store stocked. I’m also setting up my own web site, which should be up and running in the next two weeks. My goal by June is to produce about 100 units weekly. 


starburst toilet paper holder

Note, these are handmade. In his listing Jason writes:

Each starburst is hand made in a sand casting foundry from solid aluminum and then hand crafted to a shiny hammered finish and clear coated for a long lasting luster. 

starburst cabinet knobs

Jason continued:

The starbursts are machined for mounting holes to attach (to chromed bars, knobs etc.) The towel rods are chrome plated steel and the robe hooks, rings and toilet paper holder parts are all chrome plated aluminum that I order from an outside supplier. I then attach those to my starbursts. On my drawer pulls they are chrome plated steel knobs, which gives them a nice heavy feel.

starburst robe hook

The starburst measures 7 1/2” x 5 1/4”… Comes with stainless steel slotted fasteners to keep that vintage look. 

starburst bathroom fixturesThanks for sharing, Jason — all the best with this new enterprise!

Where to buy these starburst towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks, cabinet pulls and toilet paper:

Starburst decor

  1. Joey T. says:

    I just ordered the towel ring. I bought a 24″ towel bar a couple of weeks ago. These’ll go in our 1957 pink master bath that I’m refurbishing. Currently, I’m stripping the last of the paint from the original baltic ply vanity.

  2. carolyn says:

    I just saw the drawer pull in an estate sale house! It was for an under eave closet/cupboard door. I thought it looked familiar!

  3. Brenny says:

    I think these are just wonderful and should hold up for many years to come quite nicely. I still have to order mine!

  4. Allison says:

    I bought 2 of the towel bars, and they’re really nice.

    The starbursts themselves are not very brilliant, being cast aluminum, but the shape is perfect.

    And he’s a really nice guy; I hope this is a money maker for him.

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