Avocado! Burnt Orange! Kitchenaid kitchen ranges in 8 colors including these retro favorites

avocado kitchen stove It’s nice to see a company bring back a retro color — and all the more so when they don’t shy away from calling it by its time capsule name. Yes, Kitchenaid this year introduced a series kitchen ranges in a variety of real colors — and on one of them they had the courage to use the A-Word: Avocado! Well, Avocado Cream. They also fearlessly dialed Burnt Orange up a notch to: Scorched Orange.

kenmore kitchen stove range in avocado
Above: I spotted a vintage Kenmore range, in avocado, at my Restore recently. Add a dash of dairy and yes, ya got Avocado Cream.

burnt orange kitchen range
I’ve always said that Burnt Orange is my favorite color, but now I am going to say it’s Scorched Orange. As in: Go Big or Go Home.

kitchenaid milkshake color
Kitchenaid’s news release says that:

  • The line features a dual fuel range and a gas range.
  • Colors are: Avocado Cream, Imperial Black, Ink Blue, Milkshake, Misty Blue, Passion Red, Scorched Orange, Yellow Pepper to complement the kitchen’s aesthetic. Also available: Stainless Steel.
  • A KitchenAid® Handle Medallion Kit, sold separately, lets makers change the color of the handle medallions to add a custom accent. Available in Black, Bronze, Copper, Dark Blue, Mascarpone, New Gold, Red and Silver, each kit includes two medallions.
  • The Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range and Commercial-Style Gas Range are available in a variety of models, including 30”, 36” and 48” sizes and four or six burners.

More info:

  1. CarolK says:

    I wish they’d offered these colors when I bought my appliances. I have a Kitchen-Aid double oven, a KA 36′ gas cooktop, a KA dishwasher and an LG fridge. They’re all stainless steel, but I love them nonethelessless. We’d had a Maytag range with a small upper oven and while I loved having two ovens, I’d never again have the stacked ovens in a range. ( You have an idea what it’s like to pick a turkey basically off the floor?) My husband insisted that we get double ovens, too and they are so handy for holiday cooking. I have seen stainless steel ovens in several movies filmed in the 50s and early 60s though: Susan Slept Here and Critic’s Choice. There’s very little about my kitchen reno that is mid-century, but then there is very little that is mid-century about my house. We ain’t taking about an Eichler, folks!

    That Avocado cream would go beautifully with my Ball Green walls though.

  2. Elizabeth from Texas says:

    I love that they’re doing this but of course still prefer my gorgeous Pink Lemonade and Beach Blue ranges from Big Chill. Their colors are a dream! But this nee red seems about as beautiful as Northstar’s red that we have at our ranch! I welcome all color, yay!!!

  3. Melinda says:

    Love to see colors available! Hopefully they will expand the color choices to more basic appliances. I really have no need for a commercial range, but I’d love to have a standard 30 inch in a great color.

  4. Charleen says:

    GORGEOUS!!!FINALLY,COLOR.IF I NEVER SEE ANOTHER stainless steel appliance I shall be happy. I loved the ink blue,but oh, those we bright warm colors really sizzle. Thanks for the story.

  5. Stephanie in MD says:

    Wow, finally they (the big companies) are coming around! I love the orange! Just wish they would make the colors in the other appliances. Eventually will need to remodel the kitchen, and I need a gas cooktop, wall ovens, and fridge. Not a range.

  6. Michael Braun says:

    Wow! I love them all. Nice change of pace in a crazy year to see beautiful deep rich colors to make us smile!

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