60 colors of mosaic floor tile for a mid-century bathroom

nemo appiana tile 3
JOHN SPOTTED THIS GREAT PORCELAIN CERAMIC MOSAIC bathroom tile, which would be great for a 1960s bathroom floor. It’s from a company new to me — Nemo Tile. There are 60 different color combinations to choose from.
Notice the multicolored mosaic on one wall only - you can see it in the mirror

Notice the multicolored mosaic on one wall only – you can see it in the mirror

Design tips for your bathroom renovation: Choose a mosaic pattern… select one color from the floor tile and pair it with a matching 4×4 field tile. For the bullnose, I’d probably stick with the same color as the field tile. I’d also likely use a matte finish for the field tile with this particular flooring.  Another possibility: You could choose one single color from the multicolored mosaic floor and use it on the walls. In this case, it could also be great fun to run the multicolor mosaic up one wall like this bathroom (look in the mirror to see what I mean).

John writes:
Hi Pam,
What do you think of the photo attachment from Nemo Tile Co.? I was at an architects office today on business and I saw this sample in person and it looks kind of retro 1960s to me. The company is Nemo Tile.  This pattern is called Appiani, and they are 1″x1″ ceramic and they come in small slabs with a net backing. This color combo is called Country 01. I also like the aqua 06 and also lavande, which is a mix of two medium blues.
Best, John
John – love love love it. Thank you! Nemo Tile also has other fantastic patterns that I will continue featuring. Great find.

nemo appiana tile

Magically delicious.

Lawrence Bill, you were looking for a new floor for this bathroom. These Nemo Appiani tiles look like they might have many color mixes that could work for you...

Lawrence Bill, you were looking for a new floor for this bathroom. These Nemo Appiani tiles look like they *might* have a color that could work for you…

nemo appiana tile 2

nemo appiana tile 4

Numbers one, three and number nine — my favorites. I so badly want to be an interior designers with a gazillion clients, so that I could do a bathroom in each and every one of these 60s colors.

nemo appiana tile 5

Link: Nemo Tile.


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  1. says

    Ooh I love so many of these! It would be really hard to narrow down to just one! What do you think of using these as a kitchen backsplash? I was thinking that the Chic 01 set would be nice for my kitchen.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jennifer, we just talked about using small mosaics on a kitchen backsplash w.r.t. this post: http://retrorenovation.com/2009/09/04/a-1957-time-capsule-kitchen/

      Click on the thumbnail photo at the bottom of the post several times and it will enlarge quite a bit.

      I think the small-tile mosaic is very cool for a kitchen backsplash especially for a more “modern” look. I think the key issue would be to be sure you balance its visual appeal with that of other design features in the kitchen. That is, if it’s too busy, dark… dominant…your eye may get stuck just there. Like, it might knock you over your head.

      I’ll keep an eye out for kitchen with mosaic tile backsplashes.

  2. Maria says

    OMG!!! I have been looking everywhere for tile that would work in my 1948 bathroom. If I am not able to save the original tile (under linoleum and 12×12 white – ICK!), I know where I am getting the new!

    Thanks so much!!

  3. Elaine says

    I have 3/4 inch glass mosaic as my kitchen backsplash. It goes from the three inch Corian backsplash to the bottom of the cupboards, and at the sink, it goes to the ceiling on either side of the window. It looks wonderful. Mine is in an iridescent mix of rainbow pastels.

  4. Bob Storm says

    Help! I am trying to find a source for replacing some ceramic floor tiles in my 1940’s bathroom. They are dusty rose in color and 5 by 5 in size, or there abouts.

    Could anyone recommend some sources to check out? Also there is a balck and white Deco style trim tile ( narrow ) that needs some replacement pieces.

    Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.


    P.S. My contractor says I should put down a new floor… I disagree…

    • pam kueber says

      Bob, I have never seen 5″ square tiles, but that does not mean they are not out there. Have you gone thru all the sources listed on the Product Guides / Bathrooms page?

  5. Pam Greene says

    Hello. I was glancing at the tiles for a minute and will look tonight or tomorrow when I have more time. I need to replace the floor in a bathroom built in 1951. I’m sure these tiles also had the net on the back . They are green. One tile will be a solid light green and the next will be the checkerboard with two dark green and two light green. Can’t wait to look at the site some more.

  6. Alisa Boone says

    I am trying to find floor tile for tiny bath in a 1960 house. Wall tiles are mint green w/ yellow trim.

    • pam kueber says

      alisa, head up to the nav bar – Find PRODUCTs – Bathrooms – Tile…. all of our resources are there. Good luck. Pam

  7. Veronica Tynan says

    the picture above “Bills tile floor” “Magically delicious.” I am looking for the exact tile thats on the floor in that picture only in med. blue and white. Can anyone help. Perhaps tell me where I can buy replacement tiles, or tell what the pattern is called. My home was buit in 1965.

  8. says

    What a great reminder!

    My mid century bathroom has a separate vanity area from the stool/tub area. The floor space in these areas feels small and I totally let the idea of the smaller tiles slip my mind.

    The Yellow & White tiles are calling my name!

  9. Kim says

    Nemo Tile is a legendary tile store in New York City. They have a showroom/warehouse in Queens, and another in Hicksville, on Long Island, I think.

    They carry ORIGINAL patterns! One of their specialties is all of the black/white/grey pinwheels, penny tiles, octagons, etc.

    I was able to match and repair the bathroom floors of several apartments I lived in in and around NY.

    Great tile store.

    Oh, and yes, they also have fantastic current tiles… glass, etc.

    Nice folks to work with, too.


  10. Joe Barthlow says

    finally doing my 5×8 masterbath in my ’55 Cliff May. anyone know the sqft cost on the mosaic from Nemo shown here?

    • BlueJay says

      This tile is pretty pricey; it is imported from Italy. The manufacturer is Appiani, and Nemo quoted us nearly $18 sq. ft. for the tile we were looking at. Try Galactic Tile out of Brooklyn. They carry this as well and are a few dollars per sq. ft. cheaper.

  11. Lynda says

    Thanks SO much for this find. I was about to cry after last night’s tour of Home Depot and The Tile Shop. Granite, slate, brown, brown, brown. Bleh.

    Now I’ve found Nemo and GalacticTile, and my house can be itself.

  12. Terri says

    I hope I can find a vendor in the SF Bay Area who carries this. I’ve decided I MUST have the Bianco 08 (white with red accent tiles) for the floor of my second bathroom in my 1959 SF row house. I wanted something with a bit of red because the linoleum in the adjacent room (from which one enters the bath) is a dark red. Plus I was leaning toward white subway tile on the walls. Not slavishly mid-century, but inspired.

  13. Susan C says

    I was excited to find this source for tile for my new Mamie-pink bathroom. But I was flabbergasted to finally find out that the weird little mechanism in the wall really is a Murphy bed for a scale – I actually ran that as a possibility and said nah, who’d want to step on a scale propped up on a metal door like that. But there it is! Here’s mine, although the link may not work for long because it’s on the MLS site and will probably be taken down once we close.

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