Midcentury modern revivals — 36 reproductions brought back in 2014

midcentury-modern-reproductions2014 was a Very Good Year for those of us who love to see the revival of midcentury modern products. We work hard to cover the reintroduction of classic designs and looking back through our archives for the year, count at least 37 home design products — laminates, furniture, shelving, cookware, sinks and more — reproduced and brought back on the market for sale to midcentury modern design lovers. 

retro laminate patternretro laminate patternAbove: Wilsonart brought back its Daisy and Compre laminates from the 1960s and 1970s. There are 12 different colorways in all.

midcentury modern mailbox

Above: Modbox USA introduced a midcentury modern design mailbox patterned after the 1961 Sears Diamond Jubilee design. Lots of different color combinations available.

mid-century-escutcheonsAbove: Liz’s Antique Hardware now manufactures these midcentury modern front door escutcheons similar to original vintage designs.

Le-Creuset-Coquelle-LoewyAbove: In 1958, famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy designed a set of Coquille cookware for Le Creuset. Yup, it’s back, in orange or aqua.

russell spanner chair by gus modern

Above: Props to Gus Modern for bringing back the Russell Spanner chair, designed in 1950.

ikea ÅRGÅNG collectionAbove: When Ikea decides to bring some stuff back, golly, they bring some stuff back. Ikea reintroduces 26 furniture and accessory designs from the 1950s through the 1970s.


Above: Royal System Shelving designed in 1948 by Paol Cadovius, reissued by dk3 and for sale at Design Within Reach.

tweed wallpaper retroAbove: Cole & Son Tweed, taken from a 1950 document, available in a variety of colorways.

retro fanAbove: Vornado VFAN, originally designed by Richard Ten Eyck in 1945.

weldtexAbove: Weldtex striated plywood — for ceilings, walls, siding and more. Okay, so this one was reintroduced in 2012 — but since we discovered it this year, we wanted to make sure it got this spotlight (to be factual, we didn’t count it in our #36 total number).

Fiberglass-drainboard-sinkAbove: Nelson’s continues to add to its portfolio of reproduction drainboard sinks and in 2014, gave us this 1955 drainboard sink reproduced in cast acrylic.

reissues shasta airflyteAbove: And finally… well this isn’t home decor exactly, but it sure would do a lot to amp up your retro curb appeal: Shasta built 1,941 units of its 1961 Shasta Airflyte(Note Winnebago also brought back a 1966-styled Brave modelbut it’s not an exact reproduction so didn’t make our official list.)

In addition to these all-new introductions, we continue to see a variety of companies continue to build out their existing portfolios of reproduction designs:

Will we see even more midcentury reproduction designs in 2015? The mid mod market is hotter than ever, so we think so — and sure hope so!


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  1. linda h says

    Thanks for all the alerts! My Christmas tree is full of Shiny Brite ornaments. The Wilsonart xisy pattern is still a top contender for our bathroom countertop renovation coming soon. So thanks a bunch.

  2. Debbie says

    My dad built my childhood home in 1954 and one wall in the living room has the striated plywood. I inherited the house and the plywood is looking a little “blah” after 60 years of sun exposure, but I thought I would never be able to replace it. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Retro Renovation? 🙂

  3. Teresa says

    Yay, gotta get that fan. And I read yesterday that Rehab Addict is going to tackle a MCM home next. Why am I apprehensive?

  4. Mary Elizabeth says

    A friend of mine who isn’t on RetroRenovation didn’t know about the Shasta retro trailers. Then she was on the highway driving through Indiana in her RV and saw a whole vehicle hauler full of new ones–in all three color combinations–on their way to the showroom. She managed to be surprised without driving off the road.

  5. says

    Great list Pam! I’m in several vintage trailer groups so have heard a lot about the Shasta reissue. mostly pros but a few cons from the vintage purists.

  6. Shannon says

    We just went to IKEA ATLANTA and bought the wing chair in Orange!!!! its so beautiful and my tall husband is happy he finally found a chair in IKEA he was comfortable in!

  7. says

    Great list, thanks! You folks in the USA are soooo lucky that the IKEA ARGANG line is available to you. I emailed the IKEA Canada Media rep about availability in Canada and was told it wasn’t coming to Canada. Pity. Lots of other stuff to be happy about though.

  8. Anastasia says

    “Narrow but deep”, I don’t know about that.

    I love MCM but in all honesty my TEENAGERS are the most in love with what they see.

    Which just makes my life as a single mom that much easier since I have little choice about what’s in the places we rent & “Loving The House We’re In” is that much EASIER when the kids adore the “cool” stuff just as much as we all do!

  9. Amanda says

    Over the new year, we picked up our buttercup yellow repro shasta (number 250 of the 1941) from Indiana and drove it back to New York. We’re in love. These trailers really are like stepping back in time. Definitely one of the best MCM repros of 2014.

    Now I begin the long process of finding just the right decor and linen choices.

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