• Welcome to all my stories about retro style bathroom products.
    Whenever I see a bathroom product -- bathroom tile, bathroom sink, shower bases, shower curtains, etc. -- that may have good potential for your bathroom remodel, I write about it. This archive section shows all my bathroom resources in reverse chronological order. Importantly, though: If you are looking for something specific, check out the SUB-CATEGORY pages shown in light blue, above. Good luck!

    Sterling ‘Starscape’ — a fun retro shower door for a midcentury bathroom


    Props to reader Jennifer, who spotted this starburst strewn shower door  – called ‘Starscape’ by Sterling Plumbing – while cruising the bathroom isle of Menards. The ‘Starscape’ shower door would be a delightful and stylish way to contain your bath time splashes in either a vintage pastel or midcentury modern bathroom, don’t you think? 

    12 four-inch-center bathroom sink faucets suitable for a postwar bathroom


    Since our two favorite 4″-centerset bathroom sink faucets (from Strom Plumbing and Elements of Design) appear to be no longer available, Pam assigned me to search the sea of other styles available today to identify other options. I found 12 retro bathroom faucets — all sitting on on four-inch centers —  from nine companies that […]

    Formica 6696-46 Carrara Bianco marble — my new top-favorite marble laminate


    Formica last month introduced a new Carrara marble laminate — Formica Carrara Bianco 6696-46. Previously, I had identified three places you can find Carrara-style laminate. This Formica design now makes four. Moreover, because of its available #46 etched surface — which mimics fleabite pits you likely would see in the patina of real, aged marble […]

    Jodi saves her 1949 maroon and pink bathroom with amazing vintage tile


    Jodi owns a 1949 ranch style home — and has just finished restoring her stunning vintage maroon and peachy-pink bathroom. She cleaned up and uncovered the gorgeous vintage tiles in her bathroom… found a much needed new toilet that coordinated well with the space… and then pieced together scraps of the bathroom’s original vintage wallpaper […]

    Timeless design toilet paper debate — over or under?

    retro starburst toilet paper holder

    Ooooooh, Kate just sent me a photo of her new, installed atomic starburst toilet paper holder — one of the last remaining stock from Rejuvenation’s current supplier. I thought it looked lovely but frankly, I found it very difficult to focus, as I was so OCD-alarmed that the toilet paper was hanging the wrong way. […]

    9 retro shower curtains — including four flamingos — from DENY Design

    pink flamingo shower curtain

    When I was researching colorful retro shower curtains for Terri’s 1960s bathroom makeover, I was drawn down a deep rabbit hole for a spell. I am not kidding: I am pretty sure I scanned more than 3,000 shower curtains designs on a number of websites, but mostly at DENY Designs. Today — pure eye candy […]

    5 places to buy machine-washable, cut-to-fit plush carpet for your bathroom

    retro bathroom with carpet

    Terri’s 1960s bathroom had non-descript 1980s ceramic floor tiles — so when making suggestions to brighten up the space, Pam suggested I search for machine-washable, cut-to-fit-, soft, cushy and comfortable wall-to-wall bathroom carpet. I found five places to buy this retro product. Hey: Keep it clean by machine washing often, and your toes (and blah […]

    Retro Design Dilemma: Adding color to Terri’s 1960s bathroom


    Reader Terri needs our help beautifying her 1960s bathroom, which received some 1980s updates that she will some day replace. Ultimately, Terri would like to replace the floor and vanity top. But for now, she’d like to work with what she has using paint, accessories and new light fixtures to help her love the house […]