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    Laminate is usually the the most authentic option for a midcentury kitchen counter. I work hard to cover any new countertop designs like Breaking News -- let's see more retro laminates, stat!


    Formica 6696-46 Carrara Bianco marble — my new top-favorite marb...

    kitchen backsplash-before-and-after

    Lori paints her tile backsplash, using a vintage McCoy vase as her col...

    retro counter tops cusheen

    “Cusheen” vinyl counter tops — a 1950s option for Yo...

    vintage hot water heater

    Monel — rare and wonderful vintage kitchen sink and counter top ...

    formica book

    New Formica 100th Anniversary book — “Formica Forever̶...

    grace jeffers

    Learn about Laminate: How laminate was invented and how it is made

    GE Monotop

    Curved postformed laminate counter top edges — as early as 1952

    michelle williams in the movie dick

    Interior brick veneer made from real bricks — from BrickWeb and ...

    bittersweet color

    Brady Bunch “bittersweet” orange kitchen counter tops R...


    10 ways to do counter top edges — from 1953


    GE Textolite laminate patterns from 1953


    Retro counter top laminates from Lab Designs


    Linen laminate counter tops, another mid century favorite


    Lusterock kitchen counter tops — readers share stories about thi...


    70 vintage Wilsonart laminate samples — including 17 glitter spa...


    Jubilee kitchen wax — aka Johnson’s wax — is back!

    vintage formica

    Formica catalog from 1938 — 50 colors and designs — 12 pag...


    24 colors of boomerang laminate for kitchen counter tops – Formi...


    Breaking News: Formica’s 100th Anniversary designs include retro...


    5 ways to do stainless steel counter tops in your kitchen

    porcelain enamel table top

    Vintage enamel table top — New Old Stock — Kuehne Khrome s...

    vintage metal table top

    Kitchen island genius idea: Upcycle a vintage metal table top as a cou...


    Color for kitchen countertops — 7 new designs from Wilsonart

    pam with gold sparkle laminate counter top

    Gold sparkle kitchen counter top: All mine after years of searching!

    cleaning formica countertops

    Formica recommends 6 products for cleaning and restoring laminate coun...


    Should Karen replace her original ceramic tile kitchen countertops?

    retro countertop laminates

    12 new laminate countertops with retro modern style, from Wilsonart

    butcher block countertops from mcmaster carr

    Butcher block countertops — great prices, 75 sizes

    red crackle ice countertop

    A tale of two red countertops

    Bonnie Jo Campbell in her kitchen

    Bonnie Jo Campbell updates her ‘swamp house’ kitchen ̵...

    1960s Formica Girl ad

    We do not live in Greek temples, last time I checked

    vintage tile for kitchen backsplashes

    Backsplash tile — fantastic, affordable, new old stock vintage &...

    DIY stainless steel countertop

    DIY stainless steel countertop: Linn installs a $3,000 countertop for ...


    Only your contractor knows for sure: Formica Ideal Edge mimics expensi...


    Boomerang countertops in 11 new colors from Wilsonart

    Elkay Lustertone stainless steel sink top

    *timeless* … *dated* … *hideous* … “unfashiona...

    carrara laminate from wilsonart

    Carrara marble laminates – 4 choices – an authentic retro ...

    3 styles, 14 colors boomerang laminates available today

    Boomerang laminate — 3 designs, 14 colors available today

    retro tile

    Fabulous retro tiles from Oscar & Izzy

    Formica White Onyx

    Formica – 54 retro colors and patterns from the 1960s, 1970s and...