Would your restored vintage house make for a good local newspaper story?

Reader Stephanie’s house was recently featured on morning TV in Wisconsin. Way to go for vintage and mid-mod, Stephanie! Stephanie explains that her home was featured on a local house tour, and the TV program contacted her after that. Folks, if you have a “finished” mid mod house with a great renovation story, entities like newspapers, home tours and TV stations may well be interested in your story. Just be sure you want to open your house — literally or figuratively — to “the masses”.

Over the past several years, I’ve worked on a number of stories that helped get readers (and this blog) featured in their local newspapers. Too much fun:

Readers, if your house is “done” and you think it would make for a good local newspaper story, email me and we can discuss “pitching it”. My entire career background has been in public relations — so I know how to do this.

  1. Peggy Miniard says:

    I am not there yet Pam, but I’m working on it. I just cant tell you how excited I am about my house since becoming acquainted with your site and all of these wondeful ideas from people who have embraced the mid cen mod…It has truly helped me to “love the house i’m in” instead of trying to ‘update” and spend money I dont have. I will be sending you some pics soon, I need help with ideas, and I want to share what I have. 🙂

    Love these stories. once again thank you.

    Peg from Aiken SC

  2. Chutti says:

    Love, Love the feel of this house! So pleasant and sincere. Clearly everything in it is loved.

    I haven’t lived in Milwaukee since the 90’s, but when I visit, I HAVE to go junk-shopping. That place in the third ward she mentioned is one of my all-time favorite haunts. I still have many items I purchased there; the main guy is so nice.
    I still miss many of those places. WI thrifting is the BEST!

  3. pam kueber says:

    yup yup yup: There is often no need to “spend money you don’t have”, once you get to know your house!

  4. dipsterdeb says:

    Was so surprised to see that I have the same glasses and percolator(only mine is olive green) as Stephanie’s. And we almost bought a weekend home just because it had the same fireplace and a vintage recliner! For the life of me, back then I just couldn’t figure out why I loved that place so much. After finding Pam’s site, it all made sense, & instead of feeling like some kind of “outsider”, I had the feeling that I had come “home”. I am ever so thankful for that! Thanks, Pam!!

  5. gavin hastings says:

    Did no one notice the fabulous dress she wore for this interview????
    True dedication to a lifestyle.

  6. Cindy says:

    Oh la la…..that house has it all! That bureau! And credenza! How did I not love these things while growing up in the 60s? They make a home so liveable!

  7. Elaine says:

    What a great story. It’s more about the furniture and accessories than about the house, but what furniture and accessories!

    My 1963 time capsule came with the furniture and lamps. I am working on accessories. I love MCM, but this place is leaning more to transitional sixties. It is not quite ready for a reveal, but hopefully, soon it will be.

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