Top 12 reader renovation and decorating projects of the year

shasta astroflyteThe #1 reader remodel story on Retro Renovation in 2012 wasn’t about a house: It was about Pete’s 1964 Shasta Astroflyte restoration – 10 photos. This story got gazillions of views. Guess we’re all dreaming of hitting the road in one of these diminutive beauties. Hmmm. Maybe I need a new project like this, now that my house is kinda sorta *done.* Congrats, Pete, on goin’ vintage viral! Click on through for the other 11 stories about reader remodeling and decorating projects — measured by pageviews — in 2012.

1954 house#2 in our Hit Parade: Gabe and Amanda’s spectacular 1954 time capsule house – 28 photos. Yumdillyicious.

retro apartment#3: Crown Prince of Kitsch Cullen Meyer and his Brooklyn apartment — 40 photos.

bungalow kitchen makeover#4: Suzann’s bungalow kitchen makeover — eminently do-able.

knotty pine kitchen#5: Well, crikey, Eartha Kitsch, this story is more than two years old, but it just keeps on giving. Eartha Kitsch’s knotty pine kitchen.

retro kitchen#6: Lori’s whole lotta lovin’ fun kitchen renovation — lots more photos.

avocado kitchen#7: Jon and Trixi and their avocado avocado revival kitchen made the list.

aqua kitchen#8: I wrote about Kate’s kitchen in February, and in September, I hired her as my first full-time employee. Woot!

1930s kitchen#9: Lauryn and Dennis masterminded a lovely makeover of their small 1930s Iowa kitchen — 20 photos.

decorate pink bathroom#10: Mike and Lindsey spiffed up their vintage pink bathroom, and provided all the details of their before & after.

pool house kitchen#11: Nancy built a mid century modern style pool house to complement the architecture of her 1950s house, and did the whole interior all vintage and retro like. Luv.

retro kitchen#12: Like just about everyone else here — and I guess this is “the story” behind all these remodels, Brian and Keri also took “the hard way” route and paid excruciating attention to detail to renovate their 1953 Youngstown Diana kitchen.

Nicely done, Retro Renovators!

See all our Reader Kitchen projects here… and our Reader Bathroom projects here.

  1. Annie B. says:

    Just plain WOW! So glad that the MCM spirit is alive throughout the land. Pam, thanks for the review of some of the finest of 2012’s big hits. Looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings us.

  2. Marta says:

    I find that no matter how many times I look at these, I see something I missed on earlier views. Really, they are a gift that keeps on giving. I can see why Pete’s Astroflyte is #1, though. It crosses over into an entirely different group.

    2013 is going to be another awesome year for retrorenovation if 2012 is any example.

  3. We’re pleased as punch to be included! And can say that even though evil forces tried to kill off that knotty pine kitchen, it’s still intact. Take that, hands of time and horrible contractors! : )

  4. Robin, NV says:

    I didn’t start following the blog until September, so this is a great way to catch me up on all the good stuff I missed. I have to say, Jon and Trixi’s 1970s kitchen just might make me like avocado and 70s decor. I’m also super jealous of Pete’s trailor. There was a similar one for sale here a few years ago. I noticed the cute little wings right away. Now I’m wondering if I should have bought it. Kudos to everyone. Maybe some day when my own remodels are done, I can hope to be featured too!

    1. Pete Whitley says:

      Thanks Robin. There is one out there that has your name on it! (<: Check Craigslist, Ebay, and Tin Can Tourist. Between those three you should find one you find one you like in no time, both restored and unrestored. Our family sure has had a lot of fun with the Shasta and saved a ton of money on vacations to boot. We've had just as good or better time than if we stayed in a hotel. .

  5. tammyCA says:

    I missed a few of them, too the first time around. Ah-mazing! Gabe & Amanda’s…what an incredible house & history & to have met the grown children of the “stickers”…sweet! Also, I am absolutely in love with the mailbox & name sign – I think you could start a side business there! 😉
    I’m so impressed by everyone’s hard work & dedication to the wonderful design, patterns & colors of the past & preserving what might’ve been torn down! You all found the right houses (and trailers) that called to you…hoping to see many, many more in the New Year.

  6. Christa says:

    With my terrible memory, several of these seemed barely familiar and I was able to enjoy them again like the first time, hahaha.

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