Vintage refrigerator — 1956 Amana Stor-More — never used!


complete with original food display containers inside

Sparkling *new* vintage appliances occasionally turn up. Here’s another one from awesome retro-spotter Jason — who pointed us in the direction of this fantastic vintage 1956 Amana Stor-More refrigerator/freezer from Ebay seller docoxco. This sparkling gem has been used as a floor model in different appliance shops for the last 57 years — and still contains the display food from 1956. How’s that for an amazing find? And — it’s on ebay right now, it could be yours.

retro-white-fridge-with-aqua-interiorFrom the Ebay listing:

This unit has been in an old appliance store as a display model. Never been used. It comes with the display food items, the ice cube trays still wraped in original wrapping and owners manual. It does have some very small chips on the front door and they are pictured. The unit is in very good condition. We did plug it in and monitor it for 24 hours. Its runs like a dream and holds temps properly.

This fridge is currently for sale: [long gone]

Intrigued by the near mint condition of this vintage refrigerator, we asked the seller for more of the back story:

The Fridge was on display at Edwards of Douglas [Wyoming], the owner passed away approximately 20 years ago. I obtained the fridge from (the owner’s) son 15 years ago. The fridge was on display in his store for 20 years or so, then was moved to a storage area and just sat there. When I obtained it from (the owner’s son), I also displayed it for about 10 years. I then moved it to storage in my back room. I did not want the unit damaged by children opening and closing and climbing on the unit. I decided recently that maybe it would just be better where someone could take better care of it and possibly even use it. The unit had never been plugged in, so we plugged it in and monitored for 24 hours, It held perfect temps. We also obtained at the same time, a model 15 Amana freezer. It also is in very good condition. It does have a few nicks and scratches, but for the most part is real good. I also plugged it in and it maintained perfect temps.

amana-retro-refrigerator-nosWow — it even has the original owner’s manual. The inside of this fridge is lined with mint green trim, decked out with golden shelving and aqua bins. Also, can look to the left — the vintage Amana freezer looks pretty blingy, too.

vintage-amana-refrigeratorIt must have been called the “Stor More” model because of how much extra storage they crammed into the door. All the nicely ordered bins are so pretty.

vintage-fridge-freezer-retro vintage-retro-refrigerator-with-display-foodThe freezer door has quite a lot of door storage space, too — still packed with vintage display frozen foods. Also note — the freezer is on the bottom — which I am thinking was not common in 1956 (am I right Pam?).

vintage-white-and-aqua-refrigeratorMega thanks to Ebay seller docoxco for sharing this story, and for giving us permission to show are archive his photos of this fabulous fridge.

  1. Diane in CO says:

    This fridge is sublimely beautiful. I could drive there in a little over 3 hours and pick it up! But the price!!! I really would love this — but not even a “Make an Offer” option in sight….. 🙁

  2. Steve J says:

    Wow what a rare find this is new never been used 1956 with all the displays and manuals. This is like finding a 56 corvette or T-Bird or any 56 model of you chooseing that has never been driven!!!!! Yes maybe started but NEVER DRIVEN!!!!!! What would something like that be worth in the car world. A museum piece for sure. Restored are always nice but original never used is tops by far. No matter what you like things like these are near impossible to find if there are any out there. The price as I see it is cheap and if I was into collecting and could afford it I would go for it. The value will do nothing but go up for a collector. P. S. I have see thing thing in real life, it is amazeing.
    Should be in a Museum for everyone to see.

  3. Joyce Wagner says:

    What a beautiful refrigerator!! If I had the money, I’d be all over it! Wonder if my husband would take out a 2nd mortgage for it?! J/K but it sure is beautiful!

  4. Greg Pearson says:

    I think that Amana is a beauty and I don’t really blame the seller for starting out in that price range. It is probably one of a kind. I see professionally restored 1950’s fridges going for that. That being said, for those on a budget that want something similar, bide your time and do some work yourself, you can have something special too. We did!


  5. mike s says:

    Hi beautiful people. 3 things to think about. 1. Energy consumption. There’s a reason why refrigerator is one of the most consumptive appliances in your house. HOWEVER. I once visited a local used appliance store and he mentioned upgrading to a modern compressor could do the trick. Would love to know how much juice this thing draws.
    2. Shipping cost and hassle. Unless it’s a priceless fix must have then I tend to shy away from shipping pricey and large items anymore. Even with insurance I’ve had many nightmares with broken vintage furniture etc. 3. Now this is the best part. Americans were eating healthier, less processed food back then and therefore much thinner. I bet this would be a gift to keep from food creep especially in the freezer. I often throw out what was a few days ago perfectly good food. That always bums me out. So good luck to the future owner of this beauty!!! PS. Our 1954 house has an old cabinet cutout for the fridge. It was very very difficult to find a fridge that fit. I refused to modify our gorgeous walnut cabinets and although we had a mid sized dorm fridge for a few years it was well worth the wait. 8 is my lucky number but need to find a few 000’s
    Bye! 🙂

    1. Justin says:

      Mike: These early fridges are actually comparable to today’s fridges, at least energy consumpution wise. When they went to the frost free fridges, thats when the energy usage on them went up. They have a deal at Home Depot where you can plug an appliance into it, and it will tell you how much energy it is using.

      1. Carl says:

        Justin, you’re absolutely right about those 50s fridges and older…they were well-insulated. I just dragged home a huge working 50s Hotpoint which had a veritable glacier of ice in the freezer section. I left the power off for 3 days thinking it would defrost, but after 3 days, there was only a puddle of water in the drip pan! I had to open the door in order for it to truly defrost.

  6. nina462 says:

    Sweet! Would love to have it, but too far away & too pricey. Meanwhile, I saw a 1947 Kalamazoo Stove for sale at a garage sale- $250 (then down to $125) – but it was too big for my kitchen. That was a sweet deal as well.

  7. Greg Pearson says:

    We worried a little about a rise in our electric bill when we went from a newer Kenmore to our Kelvinator Foodarama. Even though it does seem to run more, (well you hear it run more), our bill didn’t change a bit.

  8. Kim says:

    My grandmother owns that exact Amana freezer and used it up until the day she had to move out of her home. I’ve always loved that freezer. Right now it’s sitting in a storage unit, but I need to figure out a way to get it all the way from her home in Colorado to my home in Florida. Any tips from readers on the best way to do this?

  9. 11bravo says:

    I have just received the Stor-mor unit that is behind the 1956 in your photo’s. What year is that model?

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