Dishmaster kitchen faucet — two vintage cover plate designs available

dishmasterdishmaster If you buying the traditional-style Dishmaster (M-76) kitchen faucet — or have one already — and want to add even more vintage bling, here’s news you need to know: The folks at Dishmaster still have a stockpile of vintage New Old Stock cover plates for the housing unit. I have three of these designs in my vintage hoard and I can attest:  They are lovely.

I called the owner of the Dishmaster company, and he confirmed that two of the three designs shown in my photo (from 2008) are still available:

  • They have about 15 of the “silver sunburst” design cover plates, available for $39 each.
  • They have more of the “Solaric” design — about 80 pieces, and they sell for $27 each.
  • No more of the black sunbursts are left.

I knew about these cover plates, because I had seen them when I visited the factory in 2008 (wee early days of the blog!). I featured the fabulous old cover plates in this story, but I never called them out separately. So here.

I was reminded by this recent email from reader Pam:

We recently got a Dishmaster and my husband installed it that day. He said that it just didn’t look right. Calling the company again he found out that the front plates from yesteryear are available… They are really expensive because there just aren’t any more.

Could you folks get the Dishmaster people to show off the previous front plates and when they were issued? like the older license plates?


Thanks, Pam, for the reminder. Get ‘yer vintage Dishmaster cover plates soon, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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    1. Peter Seglem says:

      I just ordered a Dishmaster Imperial 4 M76 model after seeing a great retro model on e-bay from 1948 item 191801598134 and looks fabulous but it’s condition may or may not be 100% functional ever again as there are no parts for it. The factory will not even rebuild it.

      I would love to buy one of your retro sunburst or the like FACEPLATES you show in your pictures if by some miracle you still have any left in stock. The factory is out and I would love th retro look for our 40s 50s kitchen we are resto-moding. If by chance you do please contact me I would love to buy one!!

  1. Scott says:

    I have a M76XL on the way! Missed out on the Imperial III Starburst cover, doggoneit, but the Imperial Four still ought to be a pretty snazzy combination with the Kohler Delafield with hudee. 🙂

  2. gayla says:

    i’m 26 and a house i recently rented in san diego had one of these and i thought it was by far the coolest, smartest faucet i have ever seen/used. especially with the liquid soap holder/dispenser

  3. Jeff says:

    Have a Dishmaster with original starburst coverplate, AND the original box….was never used when I bought it, and later installed it. Works great! Made in Pontiac, Michigan, 10 miles from my home!

  4. Lisa C. says:

    I don’t know if it ‘s been mentioned on here already, but I just noticed during a re-run of “Hot in Cleveland” that it looks like a Dishmaster on their kitchen sink.

  5. Mike says:

    Wow! It’s great to hear about a great American company saved from oblivion. What would it take to convince Dishmaster to start making more retro plate designs? It’s only stamped aluminum with a silk screened image.

  6. Robin, NV says:

    I’m with Scott – holy mackerel!! I had no idea you could still get a Dishmaster. Want.

  7. Scott says:

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I had no idea you could still buy a Dishmaster!!! Very exciting news especially for those of us in a Modest where sacrificing the real estate to add a dishwasher is completely out of the question.

    The alternate style face plates are quite nice, but I think the styling of the M-76 is pretty fantastic just the way it is.

    Pam, do we know what year the styling of version being sold today dates to?

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